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Tinder: Women’s safety now at the heart of the app



According to the website, Tinder, the most popular dating app in the world, has made keeping women safe a priority. The technology company is beginning a collaboration with the anti-domestic-violence organization No More.

“Our safety work is never done,” Tinder’s first female chief executive, Renate Nyborg, tells BBC News. To address the disproportionate amount of abuse women experience online, the charity End Violence Against Women claims it is only a “small step.”

With worries that sexual predators are attracted to dating apps,

Tinder has come under fire for abusive interactions on the service.

The Tinder product team has seen a 30% increase in the number of women working there since Ms. Nyborg, 36, assumed the position of chief executive officer in September 2021. Ms. Nyborg claims that one of the ways she is addressing these concerns is by hiring more women across the company.

Keeping women safe is now “at the heart” of the world’s largest dating app, Tinder, it claims.

The technology company is launching a partnership with the campaign group No More, aiming to end domestic violence.

“Our safety work is never done,”

Tinder’s first female chief executive, Renate Nyborg, tells BBC News.

But charity End Violence Against Women says it is only a “small step” in addressing the disproportionate amount of abuse women experienced online.

Tinder has faced scrutiny over abusive interactions on the service, with concerns dating apps are attracting sexual predators.

Ms. Nyborg, 36, says one of the ways she is addressing those concerns is hiring more women across the company, which has increased the number working in the Tinder product team by 30% since taking up the chief executive role, in September 2021.

“I think there is a difference between knowing something is important and feeling it,” she tells BBC News.

“Like any woman, I can count all of the experiences that I’ve had that I maybe didn’t want to have – from the way that you’re being addressed to the way you’re treated at work, to the way things can happen when you’re actively dating.

First swipe

It is hoped Tinder’s partnership with No More will address some of these concerns.

The aim is to produce an in-app program to educate members on safe, competent dating.

No More will also provide training to Tinder staff.

Ms Nyborg says: “We believe that positive relationships start with the first swipe.

“The way that you interact with someone, literally from the very first message, may set the tone for the relationships that you have.”

Dating online

No More global executive director Pamela Zaballa tells BBC News: “I think it is very important for Tinder to make sure that they’re educating their users, not only warning them about bad behaviors.

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