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Tips to Win a Solo vs. Squad Match in Free Fire MAX



Garena Free Fire

After playing standard matches in Free Fire MAX, players move on to new challenges. Here he gets to play Solo Vs Squad matches. This is a great way to improve the skills of the players. However, the level of difficulty keeps on increasing in Solo vs. Squad mode. In such a situation, players have to face problems in winning the game. For this reason, in this article, we are going to tell some tips, which will help the players to win such matches.

Tips for Winning Solo vs. Squad Matches in Free Fire MAX

Make a plan first.

To win the Solo vs Squad match, a right and good plan are needed. There are several things players should consider beforehand before attacking their enemies. This includes the height of the terrain, the characters they are using, and the guns. While it is not easy to know everything in advance, planning can make it easier for you to win matches.

use these items

Smashing and killing enemies or using long-range shots to take down enemies is called a smart strategy. However, this will not be enough to kill the entire squad. Players must use useful items like grenades to inflict heavy damage on the entire team.

Must have information around

To adopt the strategy of these matches in Free Fire MAX, the player must be well aware of the things around him. This is a must when playing solo vs squad matches. The player must know where and how to attack so that they have the most advantage.

long-range attack

Strategic long-range attacks on locations in Free Fire Max’s map allow players to easily kill enemies in a solo vs. squad match. Whereas snipers and marksman rifles are the best weapons for this. Players can also use some assault rifles.

separate the team

Instead of attacking all four opponents, a player must try to overcome them one by one. With this, they will be able to easily kill their enemies one by one. This will make the opposing team’s player more likely to dominate and kill them.

Film Release Countdown:

The Film Release Countdown in Free Fire Max started on 21st April. This event will be live till today, April 25. Players can win two Diamond Royale Vouchers and three gun skins, including the AWM-Duke Swallowtail, by logging in for just three days here.

You have to log in for 3 days to get this Legendary Gun skin. Since today is the last day of this event, you will not be able to claim this bounty if you haven’t opened Free Fire for two days.

Start The Fire with Hayato:

The Start The Fire with Hayato event at Free Fire Max started on April 23. It will be live in the game till 26 April. During this, you can win many prizes by completing some easy missions. To get the AWM-Duke Swallowtail Gun skin in this event, you’ll have to play 10 matches with the Hayato character.

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