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To keep a unique name in BGMI, get a free Rename Card like this, it is very easy way



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Battlegrounds Mobile India is being well-liked in India. Millions of players play this game daily. Most players want to have their own unique name. Many players have the same in-game name. Because of this, there is also a lot of confusion.

However, to remove this confusion, players can use the Rename Card. With the help of this, they can create a unique in-game name (IGN) for their ID. If you also want Rename Card then read this article. Here’s how to get Rename Card in BGMI in April 2022.

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How to get Rename Card in BGMI?

This method helps Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) players to get free rename cards. It is useful for all players. Especially for those who have just started playing the game and want to have a rename card with them. BGMI players are required to level up their in-game ID to at least level 10 in order to receive a rename card in the game. Follow the steps given below to get the Rename Card.

  • Level up and get rename card like this
  • First click on the Mission tab.
  • Now click on Progress Mission.
  • Swipe to level 10 and click on the collect reward.
  • Go to the in-game mail section and find the rename card.
  • Rename card can also be obtained from the event

With every update to the game comes new modes and events. From these events, BGMI players can get Rename Card as a reward for free. However, not all events include Rename Cards as a reward. To get Rename cards in the game, players need to complete missions and collect event tokens, which can then be exchanged.

Use a card like this

To change their IGN using the card, players need to follow the steps mentioned below.

To do this, log in to Battlegrounds Mobile India using your Facebook, Google Play Games, or your Twitter account.
Now go to Inventory.
In the item category, search for Rename Card and click on it.
Then select a new name as per your choice.
Now click on the OK button to change the in-game name.

A name card is required to keep your unique name in BGMI. Players can get it for free. Here’s how to get it for free.

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