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Top 10 Secure SMS Interceptor You Can’t Miss 2020



SMS Interceptor

We all interact through messages, more than we would like to admit. Some of us are more addicted to messaging, sending, and receiving SMS than they are to calling or speaking on the phone. The constant rhythmic move of the fingers on the keypad of the phone might be brewing something we don’t know.

But it’s 2020 and nothing is impossible. If someone has been texting all day every day and deleting the said texts at the same time, you can still see all of it in real-time. You can catch a cheater or a liar who has been lying to you and keeping from you the text statuses. 

You can read more on how to check someone’s SMS, but right here, you will read about the 10 best secure SMS interceptors that you just can’t afford to miss:

Stealth Mode

The best part about Minspy is that you can intercept someone’s SMS without even triggering any sort of suspicion. This is done so by virtue of Minspy’s stealth mode that ensures that secrecy of conduct is effortlessly ensured. 

User-Friendly Interface

SMS interceptor apps can be complicated in their design, but not this one. Minspy can be as simplistic as you can imagine any regular app to be. While the looks are simplistic, the services and features offered are way above and beyond any sophisticated spy app.

Time Efficient

Minspy is extremely time-efficient. You can accomplish so much from this app in under 5 minutes, it might seem surprising. The application is super prompt in its function and everything is done within moments and minutes.

The entire process from registration to the app to successful intercepting of an SMS only takes around a few minutes, at best. Being a web-based application, it also keeps the

requirement at the very minimal. You do not have to worry about providing unnecessary data or linking unnecessary information. 

No Jailbreaking and No Rooting

Be it Android or an iPhone, you can intercept messages in either of them. Further in case of an iPhone, the process is so simple that just by having the iCloud credentials of the iPhone, you can garner all the SMS that you intend to intercept. 

Speaking of Android phones, the process is a little different. Android phones have their own set of non negotiable procedures and functions. According to the stated rules, there cannot be direct remote access into an Android phone without the app existing on the concerned target phone. 

Because of this requirement, Minspy works its way around to combat this bottleneck. The application has been designed to weigh only 2 MB. Therefore, as and when the application is downloaded, it can be immediately hidden.

When hidden, the existence of the application goes incognito. The app would nowhere be found on the target phone. Thus, you can intercept the SMS without being concerned about being caught while in the process on an Android phone.

Multiple Features of Minspy

Minspy has many delectable features that can be expected from a spy app. The features are varied and extensive. You can not just intercept SMS using Minspy, but you can also see someone’s GPS location, call list, social media, app library, messengers, and browser history. 

With all the above-mentioned features, Minspy has definitely created a niche in the spy app industry with prime functions. It has practically set benchmarks for other spy apps to follow.

  1. Spyier

Spyier is also a very safe and secure way to intercept SMS. The application allows for the best kind of interface with peculiar spy services. The stealth mode possessed by the application also makes it undetectable. 

  1. Spyine

When it comes to well-performing SMS interceptors, Spyine also has a good place in the spy app industry. The spy app allows the best functions and features that can be expected from a spy app. It intercepts the messages of both Android and iPhone and this makes the app very flexible in its functions.

  1. Spyic

Spyic is a leading name in SMS interceptor apps. Spyic has garnered a lot of patronage in the world of SMS interceptors and is a well recognized and very popular spy application. The application has all features present in any and every leading spy app. 

  1. Neatspy

Neatspy has also attained immense popularity as a dependable SMS interceptor app. Users around the world vouch for the ease and convenience they feel with Neatspy. Much like its name, it also has a very neat interface to function on.

  1. Safespy

Much like its name, Safespy also offers immense SMS intercepting convenience with its well placed and bifurcated tabs. It also has a bespoke stealth mode that helps in the fine retention of user interests. 

  1. Spyzie

Spyzie enjoys a lot of user patronage for SMS intercepting fans. The app is acclaimed around the world to be one of the most dependable and reliable SMS intercepting platforms. Further, the stealth mode and the major functions act as another added advantage of the app.

  1. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is also a very fine SMS interceptor app. It ensures holistic spying on both Android and iPhones. Its versatility makes it furthermore appealing to interception enthusiasts.

  1. TeenSafe

TeenSafe is also a highly coveted and well-acclaimed SMS interceptor app. Being a web-based app, it has a complete set of remote paraphernalia available for holistic spying and functions.

  1. Cocospy

Cocospy ensures a seamless SMS interception without compromising on the security and interests of the users. Users around the world depend upon the SMS intercepting prowess of the application.


Even if you want to read more about how to check someone’s SMS, all your searches will only lead to Minspy. The application has proven its mettle and won in the battle for the best SMS interceptor hands down. 

When it comes to the efficacy of intercepting or spying functions, Minspy can beat all competition like a boss. So, have you tried the best SMS interceptor yet?

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