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Top 3 gadgets that can enhance the online gaming experience



With around 3.1 billion people playing games online, the industry has seen a sharp incline in the production of online gaming accessories. With online games spanning across multiple devices, namely, mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, gadgets have become readily available for the different methods of gameplay available.

In such a lucrative market, it’s often hard to navigate through these gadgets and determine what is best suited to your needs. For that reason, we’ll explore some of the best online gaming gadgets below, and how they can enhance the online gaming experience.


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Online gaming is an immersive experience and while this is defined as a three-dimensional image, sound quality plays a huge role in making the false a reality. Imagine playing an online game where you are transported to a beach in Australia where the ocean waves crash against the rocks, leaving a trail of seaweed behind them, yet the sound replicates the sound of signal interference – it’s pretty hard to forget that the scene you are viewing is in fact false. It’s for that reason that imagery and sound go hand in hand.

One way you can enhance your sound quality is via a set of headphones; perhaps one of the best on the market is the Sony WH-1000xm4, which cancels out background noise and has 360 reality dimensional audio, meaning you can truly leave the sound of the real world behind you.

With Bluetooth, this means that you can play wirelessly, making it even better when playing mobile games on the go. While enhanced sound helps bring 3rd person player games to life, it also works wonders for less immersive online games, like different casino games on your mobile. Since the traditional slot machine is associated with retro-themed arcade rooms with glowing lights and high-pitched sounds, the use of such headphones can help transport you into the room you know and love. That way, you can take advantage of the promotions available on many of the best mobile casino sites, knowing your experience will be second to none.


While console games are sedentary, a top-spec games controller can make the motion of an online game seem more fluid, thus more realistic. The Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard is a popular choice and allows you to navigate your game while giving comfort and support to your hands. This means that while you are sat still while playing the game, you’re less likely to feel the effects of the lack of movement, including stiffness in your wrists.

Graphics Card

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Let’s go back to the aforementioned scene in Australia, but rather than visibly seeing the beach, you can just hear it. Picture quality is a vital element of an immersive online gaming experience, and while a graphics card isn’t best suited to a mobile phone, it has a host of benefits for a PC. While enhancing the graphics, it also free’s up space for your computer’s processing unit, meaning you may benefit from speedier turnaround times on your game.

Here we’ve covered the three most vital aspects that form the building block to a good quality game; sound, motion, and graphics. While, whether playing on a mobile or PC, these 3 things are guaranteed, the gadgets we have discussed help to enhance the immersive experience.

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