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Top .NET Interview Questions (2022)



If it goes to pinpoint any framework for web application creation, the reward needs to direct to .NET as one of the most competent approaches. Finding a better toolset that provides .NET is truly complicated, and that entails more demand for developers skilled in applying this framework.

.NET is a Microsoft-made framework used for object-oriented programming with the possibility to debug and deploy code on various web services, providing an environment to run and utilize different APIs, libraries, and classes.

Suppose you are curious and want to start your career path as a .NET developer. In that case, it is better to learn more details about:

  1. Dotnet developer roles and responsibilities,
  2. What a .NET developer CV needs to look like
  3. What questions to expect during the interview

These are the initial steps promising the most remarkable start in your new career journey.

.NET developer role and responsibilities include:

  • Participation in analyzing processes together with the team
  • Write code with .NET programming languages
  • Conduct continuous testing and deploying of the applications
  • Check, debug and update the programming processes

.NET developer needs to be skilled in application development and be familiar with the ASP.NET framework and architectural nuances such as MVC. Definitely, proper knowledge of .NET languages is a must to be mastered, which can be C#, JavaScript, Visual Basic .NET, and so forth.

Dotnet Developer Interview Questions

Going to an interview is very responsible and requires profound preparation to succeed. So, let’s go through and discuss what .NET developer interview questions may include:

  1. What can you tell about the .NET framework?

It is object-oriented programming for creating applications.

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2. What are .NET framework components?

.NET Framework, Common Type System, Application Domain, Class Library.

3. Can you elaborate on CTS (Common Type System)?

It allows calling the data by using another programming language.

4. What can you comment on CLS?

CLS (Common language specification) allows the reuse of written code in other .NET languages.

5. Please, speak about JIT.

JIT ( Just In Time) is used to facilitate the intermediate code conversion into the native language.

Here are a few possible options that a Dotnet developer needs to include in the study of interview questions.

.NET Developer Resume Sample

Remember that CV structure is extremely important for the start of your career. So, make you follow all the requirements and modern CV building requirements to be considered for outstanding vacancies.

.NET developer CV needs to include the following:

  • Personal details: name, address, email, phone number, etc.
  • Professional Summary: accomplishments, hard skills, and soft skills backing the position as a .NET developer.
  • Technical skills: languages, databases and platforms.
  • Educational Background: university, training, courses, etc.
  • Working Experience: any experience related to IT development and programming.
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