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Trading volume in the cryptocurrency market fell by more than 40%



As you all must be aware that, Infamous cryptocurrency exchanges, The trading volume has lower down by more than 40% in June. In fact, research also has reported the same result. This report shows that It is happening because Irregulatory investigations and disappointing activities in China are the major primary factors responsible for this sudden downfall. Because initially, the prices of Bitcoin and other crypto currency values were surging high.

In fact, a researcher based in London also reported that – when he compared all the facts and numbers of the Crypto market and use Cryptocompare, then he found that, spot trading volume has been degraded from 42.7% and came to 2.7 Trillion dollars. (That is almost 2,01,57,770 crore rupees).  In which derivative volume will be decreased by 40.7 % and reached by 3.2 Trillion dollars. That is about INR 2,38,79,170 crores)

According to reports given by CryptoCompare

“When China keep investigations on Bitcoin mining, then hand-wind also keep continuing with it”.

In fact, low prices and instability both have shown tremendous downfall in spot volume because of that”.

What was the value of Bitcoin in India on 12th July?

Well, till 5:20 pm in the evening, the bitcoin value in India was about INR 25.12 Lakh on 12th July 2021.

What was the biggest cryptocurrency fall in India?

Moreover, the biggest cryptocurrency bitcoin falls by 6% and more last month. In fact, this was the lowest level it touched in value after January month. The reason was quite obvious that the officers in China have in fact upgraded the laws on Bitcoin and make them even more strict for Bitcoin business and mining. In may month, bitcoin prices fall by 35%. However, this loss in the cryptocurrency market was caused due to increasing sector in Beijing, the intention was to keep a check on that.

If reports have to be believed that then it states that –

the most important cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which is world-famous has to face the investigation of regulators. And they have set the spot trading volume on one of the biggest platforms. Nevertheless, In June month, the volume of Binance was fallen down by 56% and reached 668 billion dollars. (Approx INR 49,84,780).

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