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The Ultimate Guide to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to PC



Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

Do you want to transfer Photos and Videos from your iPhone to Windows PC? Then this post is for you. Recently, Microsoft introduced a new iCloud photos integration in the Windows Photos app. Notably, this integration feature aims to simplify the transfer process for iPhone.

However, this feature is currently in beta testing, and there is no information on when Microsoft will release it for the stable version.

There are many other ways to transfer Photos and videos from iPhone to PC. We will gonna discuss all these techniques here one by one.

Method 1: Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to PC via USB Cable

One way is to transfer photos using a USB cable. You’ll need your iPhone charger cable to transfer your photos this way. Connect one end to your iPhone and the other to your computer’s USB port. You can even transfer photos and videos wirelessly by connecting to a wifi

In case you want to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows, here is a step-by-step guide to doing that:

1. Connect an iPhone to Windows PC using the cable.

2. Once connected, unlock the phone, and Windows will automatically detect the iPhone under File explorer.

3. Open File Explorer and double-click on the iPhone icon. Choose the Camera folder and copy-paste the photos directly onto the laptop.

Method 2: Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to PC Wirelessly.

It is another easiest way to transfer media from iPhone to a PC without a cable. There are two simple ways of wirelessly transferring your iPhone photos to your Windows PC.

  • By using iCloud Photos
  • Through
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Both of these methods require a person to have an iCloud Account. For the unversed, iCloud is the storage service provided by Apple that allows you to upload media from your iPhone to your iCloud account. You can then download photos from iCloud to other devices. Any iCloud Account offers 5GB of free storage. However, if you take many photos, you’ll probably want to upgrade to 50 GB.

Steps to Transfer Media from iPhone to PC using iCloud Account:

  • First of all, you are required to enable iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone. For this, Go to Settings, then Photos, then select iCloud Photos (or iCloud Photo Library)
  • When you take a new photo, it will automatically be uploaded to
  • The next step is downloading the iCloud for Windows app onto your computer.
  • Install iCloud for Windows on your PC and sign in using your Apple ID. Now, Open the iCloud for Windows program on your computer.
  • Tap on the iCloud Photo Library option. Then select Download new photos and videos to my PC.
  • Click Done and then Apply.
  • When you take it with your iPhone, it will automatically download to your PC whenever you have Wi-Fi.
  • To retrieve photos downloaded via iCloud, open your File, Explorer.
  • Click on This PC and double-tap on iCloud Photos.
  • Double tap on Downloads. There you will be able to see your iCloud folders of photos.

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