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Truecaller launches Guardians app for women’s safety



Truecaller launches Guardians app


  • Guardians app is focused on location sharing with trusted contacts.
  • The app works in normal and emergency modes to help users reach their trusted contacts when users need help.
  • Truecaller’s Guardians app is available as a free download from the google play store and Apple store.

Truecaller on Wednesday launched Guardian, a new personal safety app and service that will allow users to share their location with trusted contacts.

If the user faces an emergency situation, the emergency button on the app needs to be tap to notify all Guardians about your location and situation.

The guardians will receive a notification, which they will have to accept to receive the live location.

Truecaller launches Guardians app for women’s safety: Features

The launch of the Guardian app comes ahead of International women’s day and the description of the app on Google Play Store reads,

“Exploring new places, walking home alone, meeting someone you don’t know, taking a late-night cab ride – these are some things that can make us feel unsafe, especially for women”.

Now this application will solve all the problems. Guardians app is now available as a free download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The company notes that all its features are free to use – there are no ads or premium tiers.

There are probably hundreds of apps on the app stores for personal safety and location sharing. But none of them work in a way where you can involve your family and friends.

As per Application developers, Guardians would never share any personal information with any third-party apps for commercial use, including the Truecaller app.

Truecaller launches Guardians app: Installation Guide

Step By Step Guide:

  • If you are already a Truecaller user, you can sign in with one tap.
  •  If you do not have a Truecaller on your phone, you will be required to verify your number through a missed call or OTP.
  •  The company notes that the app needs three permissions: your location, contacts, or “guardians” details.
  •  Guardian users need to select personal Guardians with whom you can share their location from their contact list.
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