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Truecaller update brings new features including Urgent Messages, shareable Smart Cards





  • Truecaller in India brings more features to its Android users.
  • Some of these features include video caller ID, call recording, and an all-new interface for the users.
  • Truecaller is considering the update as “the best version of Truecaller ever”.

Truecaller, one of the largest caller identification applications in the world has just rolled out a slew of new features for its users with a new update. Whenever an urgent message is sent, it will pop up on the recipient’s screen with high visibility regardless of any other app being opened on the device. Truecaller will give users the flexibility to choose the default appearance of the application when it is first launched.

The biggest highlight of the Truecaller version 12 is the new Video Caller ID feature that lets you set a short video that automatically plays when you call your contacts. You can manage your Video Caller ID by navigating to Settings > Caller ID in the app.

Another exciting update is the ability to edit the already sent text in a chat. Users will now be able to make changes/edits to their texts even after the receiver has viewed them. This is something users get to do on Telegram, but not on WhatsApp. Note that edits can only be made on the Truecaller chat and not the SMS app of the smartphone.

Truecaller also brings a new streamlined UI that separates tabs for calls and SMS, making it easier to access SMS, Group Chats, and individual chats. The app also allows users to schedule a ghost call if they wish to receive it at a later time.

Another notable change is that Truecaller is opening up Call Recording to everyone. Previously, the call recording feature was only available for premium users. But now, anyone with a smartphone running Android 5.1 and above can record incoming and outgoing calls, regardless of OEM support.

Amazing additions:

  • Multiple themes: Switch within ‘Settings > Appearance’.
  • Blocked calls are no longer cluttering up your call log. They’re now found in the block section.
  • Possibility to disable notifications from blocked calls & messages (block settings).
  • The global search bar is now on top. Search numbers, contacts, or messages.
  • Increased people on the Most-Called banner. Now possible to hide and pin people to the top by ‘long-pressing on the contact.
  • Flash message: Share location, emoji & status in a flash to your friends

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