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Twitter brings NFT to profile photos, but only for Twitter Blue subscribers




As the NFT market has ballooned to billions of dollars, with creators, investors heavily investing in the hottest crypto property, tech giants seem to have been influenced too. Twitter has introduced a new way for people to highlight their NFT on the platform. The company is introducing a new feature that will allow users to show off their NFTs, or non-fungible tokens — a way to certify digital assets stored on the blockchain.

The company is rolling out NFT Profile Pictures to Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS by way of Twitter Blue’s early access Labs feature. Using the feature, which is initially available to Twitter Blue subscribers on the iOS app, users can set a special hexagon-shaped NFT profile picture. Users will need to connect their supported crypto wallet to their Twitter account to use the feature.

Twitter users can see details about the NFT by tapping on the profile picture and then selecting view NFT details. At launch, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, MetaMask, Ledger Live, Argent, and Trust Wallet are supported. After authenticating, you’ll select the NFT you want to showcase. Twitter says that, currently, JPEG and PNG NFTs minted on the Ethereum (ERC-721 or ERC-1155 tokens) can be used as NFT Profile Pictures.

A Twitter spokesperson said about NFT:

“Twitter is where people go to talk about things they care about, and often where people have their first experience with crypto and NFTs. We’re now seeing people use NFTs as a form of identity and self-expression, and as a way to join the thriving community and increasingly active conversation on Twitter”.

“This new feature provides a seamless, user-friendly way for people on Twitter to verify their NFT ownership by allowing them to directly connect their crypto wallets to Twitter and select an NFT from their collection as their new profile picture.”

A couple of things to be aware of when connecting a crypto wallet to your Twitter account:

  • Twitter will never request funds from your crypto wallet. You should remain vigilant, and check all incoming requests to your wallet. Don’t accept any transfer requests unless it is a known transaction to you. 
  • Twitter will never request your private key or seed phrase, and you should never share your private keys or seed phrases anywhere, including on Twitter.

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