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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey : Bids reach $2.5m for their first Tweet



Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey


  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants to sell his first-ever tweet as an NFT.
  • Within minutes of the tweet being posted for sale, bids reached more than $88,000, now it has crossed $2.5M.
  • A tweet’s buyer will get an autographed digital certificate with ownership of Tweet.

Twitter CEO and billionaire Jack Dorsey on Saturday announced to sell his very first tweet of March 6, 2006, in the form of a unique form of cryptocurrency, and the bid had already reached $2,67,000 (nearly Rs 2 crore).

The tweet was listed for sale on ‘Valuables by Cent’ – a tweets marketplace that was launched three months ago.

Jack Dorsey has provided a link to the website valuables where users can quote a sum for his tweet. You can quote any amount and make an offer on the platform.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Famous Tweet

The very first tweet by Dorsey on March 6, 2006, read:

“just setting up my twttr”.

Dorsey’s 15-year old tweet is one of the most famous tweets ever on the platform and could attract bidders to pay a high price.

In our Opinion, There isn’t anything particularly unique about the tweet as well. It just contains four letters that Dorsey has used for SMS lingo that was extremely popular in those days.

The Popularity of the tweet is such high that it has reached more than $2.5M and there is a high possibility that it may cross $5M.

According to Valuables by Cent’s terms, 95% of a tweet’s sale will go to the original creator with the remainder going to the website.

What is the benefit to Buy the Tweet??

Owning any digital content is a financial investment for you that also holds sentimental value. Like an autograph on a baseball card, the NFT itself is the creator’s autograph on the content, making it, unique, and valuable.”

It also helps to create a relationship between collector and creator”.

Once a user buys the tweet, he would have the sole right over Dorsey’s tweet. A tweet’s buyer will get an autographed digital certificate, signed using cryptography, that will include metadata of the original tweet, according to the Valuables website.

The tweet will always continue to be available on the Twitter website.

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