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Twitter Communities rolls out to more users on iOS: Here’s what it offers, how to access




The Microblogging site Twitter rolls out the Communities feature. It is now visible to select users in India who are using an iOS device. The feature has been in testing since September last year for iOS and web users. It is expected to roll out to Android soon as well. Interestingly, WhatsApp is also supposed to be working on a similar feature.

According to Twitter, Communities are places “for conversation where the vibe and tone are set by people who share the same interests and want to have relevant conversations

What are Twitter Communities? How can I join?

We have discovered a new plus (+) icon in the Communities tab — both on mobile and desktop. This button allows users to create a new Community by providing a name and an optional purpose. It’s still unclear if this is a regional rollout or a global one. We’ve been able to spot this change in several countries across different platforms, though. This eliminates the need to submit a request to Twitter and wait for the approval.

You will be able to join if someone you follow has got the feature and invites you to join this. Once we joined a ‘Community’ on Twitter, we also noticed that the app also give us the option of creating our own community as well.

To join a Community, you must have a public account. Protected accounts cannot join a Community for now, though Twitter said they are “currently working on expanding availability to accounts that are protected.”

Once a person becomes a member of a community, they will receive five invitations to invite more members to the same, according to the blog.

Some Communities have open membership. This means that you can join without an invite.

At any point, members may leave the Community. Moderators may also remove members from the Community for breaking any of the Community rules. If you want to join a Community again after leaving, you may use the original invite you received to rejoin, according to the company.

Who decides the topic of conversation for a Community?

Those who create the community, aka the moderators, pick the focus area. At the time of setting up your community, you will also be asked to create a name for the community and the purpose. You can also create Rules for each community member to keep in mind. You can then invite others who you think will help add to the conversation.

Once you join a community, you will notice a dedicated tab at the bottom of your Twitter app’s home page. This has a symbol of two people together and is for ‘Communities’. If you tap on it, you will be able to see all the ongoing conversations for the different communities you might have joined.

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