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Twitter Gears Up To Roll Out Edit Button On September 21. Here Is Who All Can Avail It



Twitter Edit Button

Twitter, a microblogging site, is ready to roll out the edit button on September 21, as per a report. The social media platform announced earlier in September that it has begun internally testing this new feature.

The new Edit Tweet feature will let people make changes to their tweets after it’s been published. However, the new Edit Tweet feature will be exclusive to Twitter Blue. For the unversed,  Twitter Blue is a subscription service that provides its members access to premium features like Ad-free Articles. This service is currently only available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the US.

Twitter is going to roll out Edit Button Feature on September 21.

According to a tweet by Newton on Friday, citing leaked internal documents, Twitter may begin the public testing of the edit tweet button starting September 21. He claims that the feature will not be available outside Twitter Blue for now.

The edit tweet feature will allow users to make changes to a tweet within 30 minutes of a tweet publishes. It reportedly will also limit users to editing the tweet only five times during this period. However, Twitter reportedly might not have finalized the edit limit and may alter it in the future. Furthermore, users will be able to amend typos, upload media files

Edit Button on Twitter- Who can access it first?

Newton also gives a hint that the edit button will only be going to roll out for Twitter Blue subscribers in New Zealand. Twitter will reportedly observe user behavior with this feature before releasing it in the US, Australia, and Canada. This will help incorporate feedback while identifying and resolving potential issues.

There have been concerns that this edit feature may encourage the spread of political misinformation or crypto scams. To prevent these from happening, Twitter previously announces that edited tweets will be marked with an icon, a timestamp, and a label. Users will also be able to check the entire edit history of a tweet, including the original post.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced a small test for the Edit Tweet feature with an internal team first, before it rolls out the feature to the public. Twitter said it is intentionally testing Edit Tweet with a smaller group to also know how people might misuse the feature.

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