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Twitter introduces Communities to help people with same interests connect





  • Twitter Launches Initial Test of ‘Communities’ Within the App.
  • Users can tweet directly to a group instead of their followers.
  • Twitter introduces Communities to help people with the same interests to easily connect.

Twitter has announced a live test of its new ‘Communities’ option, which will enable users to share tweets with selected groups of users in the app, as opposed to public broadcasting or sharing all of their tweets with all of their followers, all of the time. Communities provide a dedicated, topic-based space to share and discuss relevant tweets, with users able to choose a specific community to tweet their message

Only members of Communities can reply to or like other tweets posted to the group. However, anyone can click into a community feed and view every single tweet that’s been posted, as they’re public by default.

In an announcement post, Twitter staff product manager David Regan wrote:

“Some conversations aren’t for everyone, just the people who want to talk about the thing you want to talk about. When you join a Community, you can Tweet directly to that group instead of to all your followers. Only members in the same Community are able to reply and join the conversation so it stays intimate and relevant.”

The first Communities available to join are broadly mundane topics like #AstroTwitter, #DogTwitter, #SkincareTwitter, and #SoleFood, though cryptocurrency is also on the list (of course). Twitter also shared a link where users can apply to form their own interest-based group.

Users will be able to join these new social hubs and tweet directly to other people with shared interests rather than their regular group of followers. Those tweets will still be public, but replies will be limited to other community members. Twitter is also offering animated stickers, emoji which it’s calling Twemoji, and GIFs that users can add to their Fleets. The new feature can be access by tapping on the smiley face icon at the bottom row of the Fleet’s screen.

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