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Twitter New Features: Twitter Launches Location Spotlight Feature, Know How It Works




Microblogging and social networking site Twitter has announced another new feature. The name of this new feature is the Location Spotlight feature, which has been brought for the users doing business. Twitter users with professional accounts will be able to use this feature. With the help of the Location Spotlight feature, users will be able to make information related to their business available to the customer.

The name of this new feature is the Location Spotlight feature,

which has been brought for business users. Twitter users with professional accounts will be able to use this feature.

Actually, this feature introduced for business users was introduced in early June, after which it was also launched in the testing phase in many selected places. Now, this Location Spotlight feature of Twitter has been launched globally. With the help of this feature, users can attach many important things including their business address, when it opens i.e. working hours, contact information, etc. to their Twitter account, so that customers can contact them.

Twitter’s been working to add in more business tools over the past year, in the hopes of enticing more brands to spend more time – and ideally money – on the app. Like all social platforms, the integration of in-stream shopping is a big focus, via its dedicated Shop tab, but these expanded connections and promotional tools will also provide more ways for brands to get more out of their Twitter efforts.

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What is Location Spotlight? Businesses that use this feature can display various types of locations and contact information at the top of their Twitter profile. Twitter is also integrating Google Maps to show a map of the business location, which users can click on to get directions.

How it works. Go to Edit Profile > Edit professional profile > Profile Spotlight > Edit.

You can then add any or all of the following:

  • Website URL.
  • Address (your street address, city, state, and ZIP code)
  • Hours
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Display map (toggle)

While you’re there, you can also select an option that lets people browse your store or subscribe to your newsletter. These options are not new – they have been available with Professional Accounts since last year.

And it has even more modules in the works:

We plan to test and launch a few additional profile spotlights this year to better serve our broader audience of professionals. Ultimately, these spotlights will enable professionals to encourage potential customers to take the actions they care about most when discovering their account on Twitter. Stay tuned for more information as we begin piloting these spotlights!”

Google Map will be used for location

Launching this feature on August 4, Twitter said – ‘Now the Location Spotlight feature has been launched globally. Now any professional user can use the Location Spotlight feature on their Twitter account to extend their reach to the customer. Making another change in this feature, it has been integrated with Google Map, which will help customers to see the exact location.

First launched here

Let us tell you that Twitter’s Location Spotlight feature was first launched in the US, Canada, England, and Australia. Twitter has now expanded this feature and launched it globally.

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