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Twitter receives Fleets, voice tweets, and other notable features



Twitter blue badge

Twitter has been updating the app every now and then, and recently they have incorporated some very interesting features to it. The officials announced recently that they will bring back twitter’s blue tick verification on the platform along with few changes. Other than that, the most talked-about feature that Twitter released recently was the Fleets. The feature was initially tested in India, Italy, South Korea and Brazil but has now been made available to all users across the globe.


Fleets give you the power to use and interact with Twitter in a whole new way, right in the moment. Fleets allow you to share fleeting or transitory thoughts, and after 24 hours, they’ll disappear from view. Share personal in-the-moment thoughts with your followers free of public reactions. It is more like a story that you generally share on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. People feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts by Fleets.

Voice Tweets

Twitter also rolled out a feature, earlier this year wherein a user can update a tweet in audio format which is named Voice Tweets. As of now, the makers have made this feature available for iOS platform only.


Twitter recently updated another feature for the Indian market called Twitter Topics. In this feature, Indian users can easily follow, like, comment and stay connected with the topics they feel close to. This feature enables the users to follow and be a part of discussions being done on that very topic. This way they can also expand the reach of their profile and get more visible. The Topics are available in Hindi and English language both.

Privacy Settings

On Wednesday, Twitter announced some changes to its privacy settings. Twitter uses non-public personal information of its users to personalize their Twitter experience, improve services and for some other purposes described in their privacy policy.

Twitter has abdicated some of their control on the user information and has given the users a choice on whether they wish to share their personal data with the advertisers.
In some regions, users can go to ‘Allow additional information sharing with business partners’ setting in their Personalization and Data setting and decide if they wish to share their personal data. However, the catch here is that the setting applies to restricted types of partnerships.

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