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Twitter Spaces New Co-hosting Feature Will Help Manage The Conversation In Audio Rooms





  • Spaces is a new way to have live audio conversations on Twitter.
  • Twitter Spaces adds a co-hosts feature to help moderate, manage rooms.
  • The co-host feature also expands the number of participants that can talk at once in a Space.

Twitter has been working hard on Spaces, its new live audio chat platform that works similarly to Clubhouse.  Twitter has been quickly adding new features over the past several months to compete with the dedicated social audio app Clubhouse and similar features from companies like Discord and Facebook.

The company intends to make it possible for everyone to host a Twitter Spaces room of their own, That could be a big bonus for broadcasters who are looking to add a little more polish to their audio rooms. The new update will make it easier for hosts of the audio space to help manage and moderate conversations. Twitter users will now be able to compose a new tweet directly from the Space, which will link to the audio chat and any accompanying hashtags.

 Twitter Spaces Now allow 13 Participants

The co-host feature also expands the number of participants that can talk at once in a Space: now you can have one host, two co-hosts, and ten speakers all active in a room at once. Previously, only 10 speakers could speak in a Twitter space room. With the new update, one key host, two co-hosts, and 10 participants can speak in a room, increasing the total to 13.

Twitter also revealed a feature that Clubhouse doesn’t have: Twitter plans to offer a way for users to monetize Spaces through ticketing. The company says hosts will be able to set ticket prices and the number of tickets sold, which could let people create exclusive events and earn some money for their efforts. The company is also experimenting with a voice transformation feature that adds echo to users’ audio and changes their voice pitch.

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