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Twitter urges users to copy link to take screenshot, share tweet instead: All the details



Twitter New Features

The Microblogging Platform Twitter is asking users who take screenshots of tweets to share a link to the tweet instead. The service appears to be detecting screenshots taken on the app, prompting users to copy a link to the tweet or use the share menu to send the tweet to other users. The feature is said to be the latest effort by the firm to improve engagement on the platform, ahead of a takeover by Elon Musk that is expected to take place later this month.

The engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong (Twitter: @wongmjane) on Friday shared a screenshot of the Twitter app on iOS, displaying a prompt with the text “Share Tweet instead?” and two buttons: Copy link and Share Tweet.

Twitter Asks users to take Copies to take Screenshots

The security researcher says that the feature is part of the company’s attempts to increase engagement on the platform. It is worth noting that finding a tweet spot on a screenshot requires visiting the Twitter app or website and searching for a username or the tweet.

Twitter was also spotting working on a tooltip that prompts users under a tweet, asking them to “Share this tweet with anyone, even if they aren’t on Twitter”.

The company already allows users to share tweets directly to their Instagram stories, but people who view the story cannot tap on the shared tweet to access it on the Twitter app.

Back in July, the researcher spotted a feature in testing, which allowed users who do not have an account to “Try Twitter” to follow and read tweets on the mobile app. Users who try the app and want to tweet, retweet, like, or bookmark will still require to sign up for the service or log in.
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