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Twitter users can now share tweets on Snapchat



twitter allows users to share tweets on Snapchat

Good news for twitter users, they can share their tweets directly on Snapchat.

Users have been sharing a screenshot of their tweets on Snapchat, which resulted in a hassle prone task. But now, the social media giants have worked together for the convenience of their users and have allowed them to share their tweets directly on Snapchat.

This feature is currently available only for iOS platform. The users can share their public tweets directly on Snapchat by selecting the share on option.

Users can share the tweets on Snapchat stories or send them directly as snap to their contacts.

How to share tweets as stickers in your Snapchat stories?

  1. Update your Twitter app on the App Store.
  2. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone after updating. Tap on the tweet you want to share.
  3. Below the tweet, you will find a new Snapchat icon. Tap on the Snapchat icon at the bottom of the share menu to create the sticker.
  4. When you tap on the Snapchat icon to share the tweet, the Snap will link back to the tweet on Twitter where you can see the whole conversation.

The android version of this feature will be rolled out later.

Twitter is also taking into consideration, to roll out this feature on Instagram soon.

This feature will undoubtedly increase the usage of Twitter.

Twitter has lately been working hard on proving its presence in the social media market. Earlier they launched new features like Fleets. Users are now allowed to share their thoughts like short stories. They only last on a user’s account for about 24 hours.

Rolling out newer features means that Twitter is thinking of sticking in the game for long.

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