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Two FREE Forex EA’s for Auto Trading



Are you interested in Forex robots? If so, I have good news for you! Free Forex EA’s are now available. 

Forex trading robots help me use various automated trading methods to assist with Forex trading’s repetitive elements and technical analysis. Forex EA’s automatically trade 24 hours daily. While they are easy to purchase online, you can also have them for free.

In this article, I will introduce the two FREE Forex EA’s that can help you boost your autotrading. So, let’s get started!

What Can You Expect From Free Forex EA’s

Novice Forex traders assume that Forex EA’s can help them make money easily without carrying out actions manually or spending a lot of time on trading. Forex robots are not 100% guaranteed profit-makers. Even if I use those robots, I still need to determine a good currency pair and trade in an ideal timeframe. 

Below are the reasons why I use EA’s for Forex trading:

EA’s Trade 24/7

Even if you are the most dedicated trader, you still need to take a break to drink, eat, work, sleep, do hobbies, and get away from the computer screen. With Forex bots, I have never missed any opportunities since it continuously works with no breaks.

No Human Emotions Involved

No matter what happens, Forex EA’s will stick to the pre-determined rules. As traders, we may have trouble overcoming emotions like greed and fear. These human emotions can result in hesitation, push us to make wrong trades, or prevent us from making trades.

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Work More Effectively and Faster 

Forex robots scan the markets to search for opportunities according to pre-determined parameters. Then, they carry out trade based on the rules in a matter of seconds. 

Operate More Sophisticated and Complex Trading Strategies 

Using EA’s enables traders to have different conditions for things, such as profit targets. Stop-loss orders, entries, and exits at once. That is because Forex robots are good at multi-tasking. 

Free Forex EA #1: Forex Fireball 

First, let me share interesting things about Forex Fireball that can bring more trading opportunities to you. 

Forex Fireball is a free Forex EA that enables you to take advantage of a unique approach to capture market movements through volatility-based entry signals and money management. It runs on the M15 timeframe and has complete compatibility with FIFO rules.

This Free Forex Robot works efficiently on hedging and netting accounts. It supports multiple currency pairs, including EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD, and USDCHF. It comes with a bunch of settings to enable traders to create their own trading strategies.

Trading with Forex Fireball

I believe Forex trading does not have to be complicated. That is why instead of being frustrated, I use free EA’s like Forex Fireball.

Using Fireball EA gives me a lot of good stuff. As a complete auto Forex strategy, no need for you to learn any complicated entries to set up. It helps you place trades on behalf of you with ease and looks for profitable trades 24/7. It supports standard, mini, and micro-size slots. 

This FREE Forex Robot features safe money management, take profit, and auto stop loss. I also noticed that it works well on any PC, and I do not need to deal with restrictions. Besides that, it is free to use, and it also offers free customer support. So, if it is your first time using this Forex bot, you can contact customer service and get helpful solutions.

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Ease of Installation and Use 

While Forex Fireball EA offers MT4 and MT5, it is best to start with MT4. If you still do not have MT4, you can download and install it for free. After you open a demo account and complete the necessary information, you will receive an email including the link to install MT4. 

Besides simple installation and setup, this Forex EA is also easy to use. It will run on the trades and charts for you automatically. I know how hard manual trading is. With this Free Forex Robot, you can deploy a profitable strategy on the charts instantly. It is designed to handle all Forex trading aspects for you. 

Free Forex Robot #2: Fiverr Robot 

Now that you have better ideas about the Fireball bot let’s proceed to Fiverr Robot.

Fiverr Robot is another Free Forex EA that can help you improve your trading experience. With this Forex EA, you can expect 10-15 traders monthly combined with low risk. It also provides a high winning percentage. It comes with an exciting set of functionalities and features that you can run with other systems without worrying about any issues or interference.

While Fiverr Robot is an excellent Forex EA, the main goal here is to introduce you to autotrading. As mentioned earlier, automated trading comes with several advantages. If you want to reap all of them, the Fiverr bot is an excellent starting point.

Trading with Fiverr Robot 

Fiverr bot offers solutions that can make your trading journey much easier. You do not need a lot of experience to use it; just drop it on the Forex charts, and I will do the rest. It is effective at searching signals, managing profits, and opening orders. Plus, all trade closures are automatic. 

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When it comes to trading accounts, it works with any MT4 Forex brokers. It supports small and large accounts. It also helps me pick the best lot size for my trading account.

If you are not sure how to use it, you can rely on the free customer service. 

Ease of Installation and Use 

Another advantage of using the Fiverr bot is that it offers easy installation and use. After you downloaded it for free, you can start installing it. Then, when everything is all set, it will start working for you.


I hope you find this post helpful in getting yourself more knowledgeable about autotrading. While you can take advantage of commercial systems, you cannot underestimate the features and functionalities of Free Forex Robots. 

You can use Fireball and Fiverr bots on the same MT4 platform. In return, you can double your trading opportunities. Happy trading!

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