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Uber Adds Ride Booking via WhatsApp in India: How it works?



Uber Ride via WhatsApp


  • Uber, Meta Platforms launch a ride-hailing service via WhatsApp.
  • Security options and insurance coverage protections are unchanged between rides booked on Uber or WhatsApp.
  • You do not need to have the Uber app on your phone.

Uber Technologies Inc and MetaPlatforms Inc have rolled out ride bookings in India via messenger services to expand WhatsApp’s capabilities in India. The partnership will allow Uber to send messages to WhatsApp chatbots to access Uber’s mobility services. The company has confirmed that all rides booked using WhatsApp will get all the safety features and insurance protections users get on the Uber app.

Once you start using WhatsApp to book Uber rides, you won’t need to have the Uber app on your phone. You can register, book rides and receive trip receipts within WhatsApp chat. you get each information including Driver’s name, license plate, and location en route to pick up in WhatsApp booking information.

How to book Uber rides on Whatsapp?

  • WhatsApp users can book an Uber ride through three simple ways: Messaging to Uber’s business account number; scanning a QR code; or clicking a link directly to open an Uber WhatsApp chat.
  • They will ask to provide pickup and drop-off locations.
  • Users will receive upfront fare information and the driver’s expected time of arrival.
    They will be informed of the name of the driver on booking.
  • Users will be able to track the location of the driver en route to the pickup point and be able to speak to the driver.

Nandini Maheshwari, senior business development at Uber, said we wanted to make it easy for all Indians to take an Uber trip, and to do that we need to meet them on platforms they are comfortable with. WhatsApp users can register, book rides, and receive trip receipts completely within the chat interface.

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The company has begun testing this feature in Lucknow and will expand it to more cities in near future. Booking a ride via WhatsApp is starting in English only, but will expand to other Indian languages ​​soon, Uber said. Drivers will notice no difference between rides booked on the different platforms.

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