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Unable to reach Blink Cloud? Here’s How to Fix the Issue



Unable to reach Blink cloud

In today’s World, home security is a major concern among people, especially the ones whose both parents are working and leave their child at home with the maid. In that situation, they need to rely on Blink products to strengthen the security of their home. However, many users reported problems related to Blink Camera Systems. Some users claimed that they were unable to reach Blink Cloud. Surely, Blink is having some issues with its Cloud Service.

A Blink user reported that he did not get any notifications, which indicates that the Camera is not working properly. Another user said that his system was armed for one day. The next day when he came to disarm, he received an unauthorized error. Also, the Camera has not recorded anything.

If you are one of them unable to reach Blink Cloud, then you have arrived at the most appropriate post. Today in this detailed guide, we will mention some workarounds that will definitely solve this issue. So keep reading the post till the end:

Reasons for not being able to reach Blink Cloud

Many Blink Users are unable to take advantage of Cloud Capabilities. When they try to use the Blink app, they get a “Cannot Connect to Blink Cloud” error message for several days. It is worth noting that Blink Cloud-based is a paid subscription feature that the payers cannot use despite paying for it. There could be several reasons for it:

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1) If your Blink Camera is not close enough to the Sync Module

When you try to connect to the Blink Cloud, you must be sure that your Blink Camera is within a reasonable distance of the Sync module. Otherwise, the Cameras will not connect properly.

2) Camera and the System can’t Communicate effectively

There is a possibility that the device may not be able to communicate effectively. If anything between the Camera and the System affects its Radio frequency signal, it will create a problem in data syncing.

3) Technical Issues or Under Maintenance

Despite being a good and handy product for security, it is not immune to technical Issues. To provide a better experience to the users, the device undergoes Maintenance. If there is scheduled Maintenance going on for Blink, users might not be able to access their devices. Users will be able to check the status of Blink by checking the Twitter handle of Blink to see any posts regarding technical Issues or Maintenance.

Fixes for Unable to reach Blink Cloud Issue

Fix 1>> Reset Wi-Fi Router

The Blink Camera does not work at all without Wi-Fi Connectivity. Wi-Fi Connectivity is a must to keep Blink active. If your Wi-Fi goes down due to any reason, the sync module will turn off, and your Security System will go offline until the power is restored. You can even check the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. Follow the steps mentioned below to begin the Configuration process-

  • All Wi-Fi routers arrive with a small reset button on the back or at the side of the device.
  • Press and hold this Reset button until the router restarts.
  • When the router resets, you must add your Cameras to your Wi-Fi again.
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Fix 2>> Resetting the Cameras

If the Signal Bars on your Camera have less than three bars, it will not be able to connect to the Blink Cloud or Server. In that case, you need to reset the Cameras. To do this, remove the batteries from the Camera for 10 seconds and reinsert them. After this, allow the Camera to turn back on. Once you reboot the Camera, try again to see if you can connect the Camera to the Blink Cloud.

Fix 3>> Relocate the Camera

To solve this issue, users must try to relocate the Camera to another position closer to the Sync Module. Ideally, there must have at least three bars of signal strength to fix the error.

Fix 4>> Contact customer Service

If none of the fixes mentioned above work for you, then you need to contact Customer Service for further assistance. They work 24/7 to help customers facing any issues.

Final Words

Well, these are some quick fixes that will definitely solve the Unable to Reach Blink Cloud issue. Blink Cameras are definitely an asset to home Security. The beauty of this Camera is the ability to monitor your home or workplace wherever you are through your smartphone. However, users are unable to reach the Blink Cloud for several days. We hope the workarounds we shared will definitely solve your problem.

Which method worked for you? Do share it with us in the comments section below. Share the post with your near and dear ones too.

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