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Using Bitcoin for Payments: What are the Advantages?



Digital currencies like bitcoin have evolved exponentially through the years. Many businesses are now accepting cryptos for payment purposes. This provides a practical option among bitcoin investors to make business transactions with ease and convenience. It is obviously changing the landscape of the financial industry as the crypto market is constantly expanding.

As the crypto industry continues to grow, new investors are looking at the possibilities of generating more assets by means of bitcoin mining and smart trading with other users. If you’re new to this business, perhaps your question would be: “What’s in it for me?” This article will familiarise you with the advantages that bitcoin could offer for payment purposes.

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Overview of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency – this system eliminates control and interference from government agencies and ensures quick processing of transactions. Currently, the United States Government considers this crypto as a property, not a currency. But the idea of it as an alternate currency outside the government’s jurisdiction is deemed a good idea.

In recent years, there have been notable developments in bitcoin technology to enhance security features. Today, there are a number of establishments that accept bitcoin as a currency for payment purposes.

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Essential Points:

  • Bitcoin transactions are proven useful for international transfers.
  • Bitcoin transactions charge low transaction fees, but the processing time is quick, as compared to that of fiat currencies.
  • Technological advancements have improved bitcoin’s potential for payment purposes.
  • Even those without bank accounts can make bitcoin transactions.

Advantages of Bitcoin

With the number of investors growing every year, bitcoin has indeed the potential to make people’s lives more convenient. Looking at the following advantages could make you understand why:

  • Provides User Autonomy

Because bitcoin is not linked to any government policies, it can, therefore, provide autonomy of funds. Users can have control over their own money. This is not the case with fiat currencies which are subject to different restrictions and risks. A case in point is when banks become vulnerable to economic boom and bust cycles. Such a situation can result in bank runs and crushes that have already happened in the past. This denotes that users are not in control of their money.

  • Pseudonymous Transactions

You don’t necessarily need to provide personal information to make bitcoin transactions. Remaining anonymous is accepted in the bitcoin network. Bitcoin uses blockchain addresses as a way of identifying users. It allows you to have multiple addresses, thus having various accounts and passwords is possible. This feature can be a sigh of relief for some investors who choose not to go through the complicated process of having to provide personal details and verify the information before they can make financial transactions.

  • Peer-to-Peer Transactions

You can send and receive payments to and from other people on the bitcoin network around the world. This is what the peer-to-peer system means in bitcoin transactions. When making transactions, there is no need for approval from external authorities, unless the sending and receiving of cryptocurrency would come from a regulated exchange or institution.

  • No Banking Fees

Bitcoin users don’t have the burden of paying banking fees as in the case of fiat currencies. This means that there are no account maintenance and minimum balance fees, returned deposit fees, or overdraft charges. However, a standard practice among cryptocurrency exchanges is to impose maker and taker fees, and also sometimes deposit and withdrawal fees.

  • Low Transaction Fees for International Payments

Wire transfers and foreign purchases have fees and exchange costs. For fiat currencies, these charges may be higher than that of bitcoin transactions. The latter has no intermediary institutions or government involvement, thus making the transaction fees for international payments significantly lower than bank transfers. This can be quite beneficial for travellers.

  • Secure Transactions

Since bitcoin is not a physical currency, it is impossible for thieves to snatch money from someone else’s hands. The only way for a crime to be committed is when a hacker is able to steal your private keys in your cryptocurrency wallet. Nevertheless, with the technology that runs bitcoin transactions, it is technically impossible to steal bitcoin. Bitcoin exchanges remain protected from any kind of breaches.

  • Mobile Payments

As long as there is internet access, you can pay for your bitcoins. This works similarly to various online payment systems. It allows you to purchase products without going to the bank for such a purpose. The main advantage of bitcoin payments over credit cards or bank accounts is that you no longer need to provide personal information to make payments.

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Bitcoin payments prove to be more convenient and secure for certain reasons that the fiat currencies couldn’t provide. This is a huge leap from traditional financial transactions, especially for the payment of some purchases.

Risk Note:

The cryptocurrency market is highly speculative and volatile. Bitcoin’s price can be very unpredictable and certain factors have to be considered before making any investments. For payment purposes using crypto, you can explore many options provided by reliable processors. Other resources may be helpful to better understand the crypto industry and how it could benefit you as a trader and as a consumer.

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