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Valve releases redesigned Steam mobile app with QR code login



Steam Mobile App

Key Specifications:

  • Valve brings the revamped version of the Steam Mobile App
  • The games library now features a grid-like tile appearance
  • The app is now available to download on Android and iOS

After a few months of public beta testing, Valve has updated the Steam Mobile app for Android and iOS users. Steam Mobile brings a new framework and new user interface. Moreover, it brings additional features such as QR code authorization, smarter notifications, customizable tabs, an improved library, and remote PC download.

The app is now available to download on Android and iOS. The revamped app brings many customizable tabs.  You can also make use of the ‘Approve’/ ‘Deny’ prompt on the app, instead of entering a Steam Guard code — like OTP — for signing in to a different system.

Steam Mobile App arrives with many new features

The biggest change to the Steam mobile app has to be the interface, which now features a bottom-aligned navigation pane. Here, you can cycle between the storefront, news panel, security, notifications, and account settings.

The Steam app lets you view your entire game library, which appears in a grid-like format, showing game covers and titles that you can sort through with the included filters. You remotely update and download games on your PC and receive notifications for sales, friend requests, and more.

Valve has updated the Steam Chat app. This will give you access to the same functionality as chatting with the desktop client. However, this functionality rolls out only for Android users. Valve also recalled the application steam link for streaming PC games.

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Valve is working on bringing QR sign-in to the Steam Deck

The new sign-in method gives you a way to access your Steam account without having to type in your username and password. It uses the two-factor authentication credentials stored in your phone to verify your identity

If you’d rather use your username and password to log in, the app will still ask if you’d like to accept or deny the sign-in attempt. And if you want to make sure there’s no device linked to your account that shouldn’t be, you can now review and revoke access if needed on the Authorized Devices page.

Other new features include an improved store browsing experience for mobile displays and customizable Steam notifications for sales, trades, friend requests, and other categories. Valve also shares its future plans with the beta testers. According to the reports, the team is working on bringing QR sign-in to the Steam Deck

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