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Vidmeta YouTube Video Downloader: Download Any YouTube Videos for Free



Do you want to download your favorite videos from YouTube?

Worry not, in this blog post, I will introduce you to a popular online YouTube video downloader by which you can download any YouTube videos for free without any limitations and restrictions.

You heard it right. The video downloader is none other than Vidmeta.

Let’s discuss in little depth about the online video downloader.

Vidmeta.Net – A Simple Definition is an online YouTube video downloader that offers free YouTube video downloading services to users worldwide.

No need to install any applications on your desktop/laptop or mobile as the video downloader is available in the website format. So, you just have to visit the Vidmeta official website, there you can easily download your favorite YouTube videos just by copying and pasting the YouTube video URL.

When it comes to downloading YouTube videos using a free video downloader, most people worry about the quality of the video. But, you never need to worry about the quality issue when you try Vidmeta as the platform offers downloaded videos in better quality. is available to use in 2 Indian languages such as Hindi and Tamil as well it supports 15+ other languages including English.

Vidmeta is Not Just a YouTube Video Downloader

Of course, the main purpose of Vidmeta is to offer users online YouTube video downloading, yet, there is another great feature available with the YT downloader.

Yes, not just video, you can also use Vidmeta to convert YouTube videos into MP3 (audio) files.

Whether you want to download videos from YouTube to watch offline or even to take out only the music from the YouTube video, Vidmeta is the best downloader option for you.

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Easy Step by Step Process to Download Videos from YouTube via Vidmeta

You can download any YouTube video in just a fraction of second just by following the 3 step process explained below.

Step 1: Go to YouTube, browse for your favorite video and copy the URL of the video straight from YouTube.

Step 2: Head over to the Vidmeta website. On the page itself, you will see a search bar with the caption ‘Search or Paste YouTube Link Here’.

You can either search for videos using keywords or even paste the link you copied from YouTube.

In order to get the exact video, I recommend you try the paste YouTube link option instead of searching with keywords.

Step 3: Once you paste the video URL in the bar, now hit the ‘Click Here to Get Video’ button.

Step 4: Now the video will be displayed below the button on the Vidmeta website itself along with the title of the video. You can play the video there to confirm your video selection.

Step 5: Depending on the video, you are required to select the video resolution that varies from 360p to 8k resolution. As you can see in the image, the video I have selected gives me two different resolution options such as 360p and 720p.

Step 6: Now, you just have to click the download button according to the video resolution of your choice. The YouTube video will be successfully downloaded in the storage path of the device you are using.

That’s the whole process. Now you can enjoy watching the video anytime you want without opening YouTube and without an internet connection.

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Kudos to Vidmeta as they offer this awesome service free of cost. Of course, there are so many other websites out there that too offer similar services as Vidmeta, still, Vidmeta is very beginner-friendly and provides blazing-fast download service.

FAQs on

  1. Is Vidmeta the best online YouTube video downloader?

Undoubtedly, Yes. I have tried downloading so many videos myself and never get any interruptions and errors while downloading. So, yeah, Vidmeta is the best.

  1. Does Vidmeta have any download restrictions in terms of numbers?

No, with the help of the online video downloader, you can download any number of videos just by copying and pasting the YouTube video URL. Download an unlimited number of videos from Vidmeta without any restrictions.

Final Words

If you are searching for the best video downloader to download and watch an unlimited number of YouTube videos offline, among the similar websites, Vidmeta is one of the best options which is free, user-friendly and importantly, the website offers high-quality videos.

In this blog post, I have introduced you to the best YouTube video downloader, Vidmeta. If you feel the introduction of the online free YouTube video downloader website made your day, just give the blog post a share.

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