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Virtual In-Play Tennis to Become a Part of BetConstruct Games



The online casino industry is bang in the middle of a huge boom as vendors strive to outdo their peers and themselves in all aspects of gaming, including interface, promotions, payments, customer support and games. Technology upgrades have driven the emergence of innovative games, and a stellar example is an addition that BetConstruct has made to its game portfolio – Virtual In-Play Tennis.

The game is a phenomenal addition to the BetConstruct portfolio as it gives you the experience of placing bets in an actual game of tennis from the comfort of your air-conditioned home! And even better, you can place live in-play bets on the possible outcomes as you play. Betting opportunities are available at regular intervals through the game and include live ball-by-ball betting.

Why Virtual In-Play Tennis Will be a Big Hit

Behind the success that Virtual In-Play Tennis will enjoy is the concept of in-play betting itself. In-play betting has been big in the world of sports betting from the time it emerged. It turned the notion of online betting during an event on its head by keeping the betting fluid instead of static. Now you could place your bets any time during a game, and change it ball-by-ball or after every service if needed!

It is all these features and more that make Virtual In-Play Tennis a great option for punters. It allows you, as a player, to bet on form and momentum. Thereby it is able to replicate the thrill of placing an actual bet at a tennis match in a physical stadium. You will find quite a few real money gambling sites – especially sportsbooks catering to Aussie players – offer this game.

The name itself gives you an idea of how this game is from other standard virtual games. Standard virtual games come with limited bet options. You are mostly allowed to engage in pre-match betting only. Virtual in-play tennis takes it a notch higher by allowing you to place bets through a full game of tennis.

How Virtual In-Play Tennis Works

The way Virtual In-Play Tennis works is simple. The game can host a maximum of 10 teams or 10 players at a time. These players face off against each other in competition. The rules that determine the way the game is played are the same as the rules that govern an actual tennis match in a tournament.

The format is just like in the actual matches in ATP tour events – best of three sets and to win a player has to win 2 sets. To win a set, he or she must have played and won a set of 6 games against the opponent with a 2-game difference. If the 2 players are tied at 6:6, the game heads into a tie-break. The winner of the 13th game is declared the winner of the set.

To make the game as life-like and tech-enabled as possible, BetConstruct uses one of the most advanced technologies in recent times – motion capture technology, specifically, the MVN Animate Motion Capture System delivered by Xsens, an industry leader in the field of 3D motion tracking.

The use of Motion Capture technology ensures a virtual sports game that is ‘ultra realistic’ – this technology is able to capture every single movement or gesture that a person makes, thereby allowing BetConstruct the ability to replicate it on screen in the game and make the game as life-like as possible. The use of real-life data from games adds to the realness of the game experience.

The Engagement with Xsens

The development of Virtual In-Play Tennis has been, for BetConstruct, the culmination of an exercise that started with its engagement with Xsens a while back. It arose from the desire of the head honchos at BetConstruct to create a virtual sports experience of the highest quality for its players.

At the time of signing the deal with Xsens Armenuhi Khachatryan, BetConstruct Product Owner of Virtual Sports had said, “We all know that creating high quality virtual sports takes a lot of time and energy from any software vendor, as the development process is expensive and many times even complicated…

…However, the end justifies the means and we want the players and operators both to have the best experience with the technology and enjoy realistic gameplay with the wide range of real betting markets, to create any type of Virtual Sports that will attract more and more players as fast as possible.

The use of the motion capture tech from Xsens will enable the company to fulfill its dream of providing a game with ‘the highest level of realism in human activity engaged sports types’.

The BetConstruct Game Philosophy

BetConstruct is a unique online casino software development outfit with a vision that is all about delivering games of the highest quality to players using the best technology available. And Virtual In-Play Tennis, therefore, isn’t the only quality and unique player-friendly offering from this vendor; there have been others as well, including the much-touted Homework solution.

Homework is essentially a marketing initiative for a sportsbook, but with a difference: as a participant, you are assigned a homework assignment every day for 10 days, and you will need to complete each of them in 24 hours! Through these assignments, you get a chance to predict the outcomes of various sporting events, including those within a game, in the form of tasks like:

  • Total goals
  • Handicap
  • Match outcome

Once a player completes their task they receive a prize from the total bonus pool for finishing the ‘Homework’ assigned. The new game will take the experience a few notches higher by increasing player participation and boost sales development to give the operators the impetus they need.

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