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VR casinos: the new trend shaking up the industry



The virtual reality discussion for the casino industry has been a hot topic long before 2016.

Much of that reason is down to the casino and gaming industry being the driving forces behind the fresh new technology.

Casinos and game developers are happy to invest both money and resources into producing the best gaming experiences for their audience.

Combine this with the accelerated uptake of mobile gaming and online casino use; VR casinos just make complete sense.

But what does the industry look like with virtual reality as one of the options? How does the future of the casino industry look with VR in it?

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What is a Virtual Reality Casino?

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation that immerses the user in an experience that can feel real. The details and sounds are designed to mimic real life as closely as possible.

The environment is 3D; this could be a jungle, the sky or a casino.

To use VR technology, players are usually required to wear goggles and sometimes gloves.

With a VR casino, there will be a complete digital version of the casino. For example, if you wanted to spend out to fly to Vegas for the Bellagio, instead, you could put on your goggles and be transported right there.

Your VR headset will allow you to walk through the entire place. One of the exciting additions is that you will also be using a click to interact.

Like in a regular casino, you will encounter dealers at the table, other VR avatars and be wholly immersed in the experience.

But like all technology, there are pros and cons.

The pros and cons of Virtual Reality Casinos

With every technological advance, some people prefer things the way they once were. VR is no different.

Going from VHS to DVDs and to Streaming is a fine example. While the most significant percentage of people adopting new tech, some prefer to rewind a tape.

Pros of VR casinos


Casinos and gambling are very social. Many people sit at tables together, playing and enjoying themselves. With VR, you can still experience that social element in a way that regular online doesn’t provide. Interaction with other player’s avatars from across the globe and the dealers themselves.

High Engagement

Playing online is cool, but virtual reality ups the ante. The noise ambience of the casino is played to you through headphones, while the goggles give you a 360-degree experience.


If you have played the same game for many years, it can become stale even when you love it. Virtual reality adds something fresh and exciting to the casino world.

Tournament attendance

Imagine winning a satellite, only to find that you can’t make the flights and travel required to attend the big game? What if VR gave players the possibility to be at any tournament at any time?

Cons of VR casinos

Not a replacement

The most obvious con is that while VR casinos and online casinos are incredible, they aren’t replacing the real deal. While one day we might get the smell and textures in the VR package, right now, there is nothing like the feel of the felt on the table.


Walking into a casino or turning on your computer is much easier than VR. Virtual reality usage takes some getting used to. Our brains need some time to process what we see and hear and match it to how we are arranged physically.

VR tricks our brains, but we need to work on the process. Some people have reported feeling unwell after VR usage.


Although you can pick up a cheaper cardboard viewer for your phone, to experience VR in all its glory, you need a more expensive kit.

Virtual reality headsets vary dramatically in price and quality, and to have the most advanced experience with the technology, the higher quality, the better.

What casino games can you play with VR

All of the most popular games are available to play via VR, but that will expand in the coming years.

VR blackjack

Your avatar will interact with the dealer’s avatar; what makes this one so much fun is that you will get to experience facial expressions as if you were in a live casino.

VR slots

Slots are one of the most played casino games, and VR casino slots give you the ability to pull the lever and watch it spin virtually.

VR Roulette

Watching the ball slowly bounce around the roulette wheel, landing in red, trundling around to black…Hearing the clicking and clacking of the wheel, the ball and holding your breath.

All possible with VR roulette.

The future of VR casino gaming

VR has had some highs and lows, but the future is bright and immersive. The technology available for the general public and the game developers is finally reaching the point where it is equal.

Many of the largest casino game providers offer a few options for VR casino gaming, and we should expect to see more of these released over the coming years.

Like with all technology, when it is first released, it is costly. Over time it becomes more affordable, so more people can enjoy the technology.

We may also see VR stations offered in land-based casinos and more casino games utilising the technology like complete poker tournaments.

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