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What advantages do crypto casinos have over conventional betting sites?



On balance, it has not been the easiest of years to be a crypto advocate – and with just a couple of months to go in 2022, the likelihood is that people will look back on the year as having been negative overall. Yes, the Merge took place and was a success on its own terms, but the price of ETH then dropped. Yes, people continue to bet and find uses for crypto at and other casinos, but the price of crypto is still lower than we’d like. And bad news begets more bad news, largely because people see headlines and make up their mind without reading what’s beneath.

Facing up to the issues that crypto has, then, is important, but it is also important to consider how you can counter the bad news, and that starts by having something positive to say in response. And that could be where crypto casinos play an important role in the future of digital assets. After all, betting is becoming more and more of a mainstream focus, as multiple US states relax their laws on casino and sports betting. Let’s look at the benefits that are to be had if you choose to bet at crypto casinos, and see how they could play a part in boosting the reputation of Bitcoin and other assets.

Variety is always a good thing

One thing that you learn fairly quickly when playing at conventional online casinos is that there isn’t a great deal of variation from one to another. You’ll generally find the same games from the same developers at most mainstream casinos, and they’re not bad games, they’re just a little repetitive. For crypto casinos, some innovation has been forced upon them by their status outside the mainstream. However, the development of Provably Fair games was a move taken unilaterally by the crypto advocates, and it has led to fun games you won’t find at any mainstream casino, making crypto betting sites a genuinely fun experience.

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Better bonuses

Every online casino has its own bonus structure, and the quality of those bonuses is a major driving factor in getting people interested in casino gaming. If you’re into slots or table games, then some bonus funds can make play more fun. After some time evaluating the best bonuses out there, you’ll come to the inevitable conclusion that the bonuses are better at crypto casinos. They offer more without asking for more from you. And when you consider that you can generally convert your playing funds back into dollars and cents, you don’t need to worry about losing out by playing in crypto.

You can play the best casinos in the world from anywhere in the world

Those of us who enjoy casino gaming will occasionally hear of what is available elsewhere and react with a tinge of envy. Casinos, for the most part, are geo-blocked. So if you hear of a great new casino in Brazil, but you live in Brampton, it usually remains off the menu for you. With crypto casinos, all are welcome. You don’t need to be from the country the casino is in in order to play at it. The decentralization of crypto is an undeniable positive, and its use in casinos is just one way that we’re seeing that demonstrated in real life.


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