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What Are the Different Types of Electricity and Gas Metres Available in Australia?



A 2020 survey reveals that Australian consumers, on average, spend about $380 on electricity and around $280 on gas every quarter.

But if you observe your energy bills are relatively high, considering these median values, you should consult experts who can help you find better energy plans. They provide advanced energy compare tools online to know the rates and check out the best packages you can switch to for reducing your bills.

The type of metre you have for measuring your energy consumption is one aspect you need to consider when comparing energy plans. The reason being it allows you to precisely weigh your energy bills with those that you may incur when you switch to a new package. It will help you see where you might be able to save. Here are the different types of electricity and gas metres available in Australia.

Different types of electricity and gas metres available in Australia

Electricity Metres

Typically, Australian homes use three electricity metres. It will be a Flat-Rate Metre, Interval Metre, or Smart Metre.

Flat-Rate Metre

This metre only keeps track of your total electricity usage. It implies that you get charged the same amount for the electricity you use, regardless of when you use it. Thus, it doesn’t allow you to take advantage of variable tariffs.

A Flat-Rate Metre can be either electronic or electro-mechanical. While the former will have a digital display, the latter can have a dial or cyclometer display.

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A metre reader will note down the readings, typically five digits, every three months. You may also note the variation each month. It will be helpful to calculate your monthly or quarterly usage. Top experts can then use these values to help you compare and find better energy plans.

Interval Metre

An Interval Metre records your electricity usage every 30 minutes. It means you have different electricity rates for your consumption at various times of the day, based on the tariff you sign up for with your service provider.

They are entirely electronic and show the date, time, and total kWh.

As it’s a time-of-use metre, it gives you more suitable choices of electricity plans based upon the amount of used energy and compare the value with other providers under the guidance of an experienced consultant. You can find more options for pricing plans that offer incentives to reduce your demand for electricity during peak hours.

Smart Metre

It’s an advanced digital metre, relatively new in Australia. Like the Interval Metre, it also measures electricity usage every 30 minutes, thus allowing for time-of-use pricing.

Being connected to the internet, your electricity provider receives your electricity usage details directly and more accurately.

You may note down the number of kWh displayed on your metre’s digital screen. Based on your collected data, an expert can list down your energy plan options for comparison. Compared to your current package, you will be able to shortlist plans that meet your electricity usage while charging reduced variable tariffs throughout the day.

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Gas Metres

An Australian home can either have a Metric Gas Metre or Imperial Gas Metre. The type depends on the gas pressure available in your area and the regulator type located on your gas metre.

Each metre will have a unique MIRN or a DPI, with the nomenclature varying with different Australian states.

Metric Gas Metre

It’s a more common metre in Australia. If your home is new or you use natural gas as a power source, you will probably be reading this metre.

A Metric Metre displays the units in cubic metres, and you need to read the value from left to right. You will have to convert cubic metres to megajoules using the heating value and pressure factor mentioned on your gas bill. The reason being your quarterly statement will show your power usage in megajoules.

You may share your noted readings and recent bills with a consultant. Accordingly, they will help you compare and find gas plans in your area to meet your gas consumption at cheaper rates.

Imperial Gas Metre

These are in the process of getting phased out in Australia. But if your house is old, you might still have it.

This metre shows the readings in cubic feet. You may find reading the value challenging, as the metre has multiple cyclonic dials on its display.

Top experts can get you gas plans to compare, even if your home has an Imperial Gas Metre. You may choose a better plan in this category if you wish to stick to this metre type.

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Consult A Reputed Expert

The residential energy consumption in Australia surged by 10% and household bills increased by 7% in 2020. But the significant falls in the wholesale electricity costs have resulted in lower electricity bills this year.

So, reach out to an experienced consultant to compare and select better energy plans to make the best out of Australia’s positive energy bill statistics.


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