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What Channel Is Paramount On Xfinity? (Complete Guide)



What channel is Paramount on Xfinity

Want to kill some free time? Stream plenty of movies and web series on Paramount TV and enjoy tons of entertainment without stepping out of your comfort zone. While streaming your favorite content on Paramount isn’t challenging, finding What Channel is Paramount on Xfinity surely is.

Therefore, we did in-depth research and compiled a list of channel numbers where you can view the Paramount network on Xfinity. Remember that the channel is on different channel numbers on your Xfinity TV, based on your location; hence, it takes lots of time to find the number.

Hence, we researched for a whole day and sorted out all the information to help you save time and effort. So, are you ready to get started? Keep scrolling the page and find everything you’ve been looking for.

A Brief Introduction to Paramount TV

Before we dig deep into What channel is Paramount on Xfinity, let’s introduce Paramount TV individually to know about this network in a bit of detail.

What channel is Paramount on Xfinity

Paramount Network is an American primary cable TV channel that was primarily launched to program the culture of the Southern US states, including music shows, outdoor programming, motor racing coverage, etc.

But later on, this channel was purchased by the Gaylord Entertainment Company, which shifted its focus from music shows and racing to entertainment and lifestyle programming. In August 2003, this network relaunched as Spike TV, and on January 18, 2018, Spike TV was launched as a Paramount Network.

It then launched its streaming service in the name of Paramount+. In 2020 and 2021, the channel canceled almost all original series and started focussing on made-for-TV films. While the Paramount network has seen many ups and downs, it is now available internationally, which speaks to its reputation and success across the globe.

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Paramount Network is available on various platforms, including Xfinity, DirectTV, and many more. However, the channel numbers on which it is available vary from one location to another, making it challenging for users to find the same.

Therefore, to give you a hand and to simplify the process, we have brought you the whole list of channel numbers, so you can find out the exact location of Paramount TV on Xfinity without putting in much effort. Keep scrolling the page and find the information here.

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What Channel is Paramount on Xfinity?

While Paramount Network is available on Comcast Xfinity TV, finding the exact channel number might be time-consuming for viewers. So, if you think what channel is Paramount on Xfinity, then you have landed in the rightmost place to deal with this query.

Also, before you find the channel number, let us make you happy by telling you that you don’t have to buy any channel subscription to stream this network on Xfinity. However, you should know that the Paramount network is different from the Paramount+ service and only offers scheduled broadcasts, unlike the on-demand content on Paramount Plus.

So, if you know of the differences and factors, then simply scroll down the list, and find the channel numbers here. Let’s get into it.

  • Seattle: 57,640
  • Atlanta: 78,878
  • Nashville: 61,1412
  • Portland: 57,757
  • Salem: 57,757
  • Vancouver: 57,757
  • Memphis: 57,829, 1209
  • Tacoma: 57, 640
  • Salt Lake City: 51, 696, 1412
  • Fort Wayne: 47, 1209
  • Detroit: 57, 226, 1209
  • Saint Paul: 43, 866
  • Alexandria: 34,827, 1412
  • Baltimore: 34, 827
  • Little Rock: 63, 1412
  • Santa Fe: 47,847
  • Shreveport: 38,452, 1209
  • West Palm Beach: 31, 452
  • Miami: 44,452
  • Orlando: 46,452
  • Fort Lauderdale: 63,452
  • Oakland: 45,743
  • Stockton: 66,743
  • Jacksonville: 40,452
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You can stream the Paramount channel on 743 in California. Also, it is available on 45 in San Jose, Fremont, Francisco, and Oakland. Those living in Washington can watch the Paramount channel on 57 and 640. Florida residents can also watch this network on Channel 452.

If you live in Eastern Starboard cities, then you can directly go to channel number 827 to watch the Paramount network on Comcast Xfinity. If you are wondering What channel is Paramount on Xfinity in Pennysylvania, then click the 827, and you are ready to stream the content.

Let’s come to Middle America, and find out which channel number you can stream the Paramount Network. Here, you can watch this network on Channels 1209 and 48 in Indianapolis and 47 in Fort Wayne. Those who are living in Michigan can view this network on channel 226 and 1209, respectively.

What are the Popular Shows to Stream on Paramount?

Now that you are aware of What channel in Paramount on Xfinity is based on different locations, it’s time to find out the popular shows for which you are doing so much hassle.

This network is widely famous for its one-of-a-kind movies like Interstellar, which was a major hit on the big screen. However, the network gained more popularity due to its all-time famous series Yellowstone, which was set in the late 19th century and revolved around the Dutton family.

Other than these, you can stream other reality shows on the Paramount Network, such as Bar Rescue, Two and a Half Man, and many more. So, what keeps you waiting? Find the channel number on the list and start streaming your favorite content on the Paramount network now.

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To know more about the TV shows and movies on Paramount+, visit here now. 

What Plans are Available for Paramount Network?

While you don’t have to spend a single penny to stream traditional Paramount Network TV content on your Xfinity TV, you must opt for specific packages to enjoy on-demand content. So, before you move further, ensure you know everything about the cheapest plan and package you should go for.

  • Digital Preferred Package

This package is available at $69.99 and offers more than 185 channels. It also features an X1 TV box and an Xfinity Stream app to enjoy movies and other similar content. It is the most affordable plan of all time and is worth it.

Summing Up

That’s all about What Channel is Paramount on Xfinity. Hopefully, our guide will help you find the channel number so you can stream your favorite content and keep yourself hooked without wasting time locating the channel.

We have tried to cover every location, but in case we missed out on something, you are free to ask for the channel number of your location in the comment section below. We would love to help you in your hour of need. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more such informational guides!!

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