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What Is a Toolsmith Villager in Minecraft & How to Create?



Toolsmith Villager

Minecraft is a well-known Crafting game that has a massive player base. It is a procedurally generated World where players can explore villages and caves and assign Professions to the common Villagers. This world is filled with diverse creatures known as Villagers scattered throughout the game’s landscape. There are lots of fun things to do in Minecraft when you feel bored. If you are wondering who the Toolsmith Villager is, you arrived at the most appropriate post.

This game includes various types of Professions, including Armorer, Butcher, Cartographer, Cleric, Fisherman, Farmer, Fletcher, Leatherworker, Librarian, Mason, Nitwit, Shepherd, Unemployed, Weaponsmith, as well as Toolsmith. Of which the role of Toolsmith Villager is very important in the game. A Toolsmith Villager can trade bells, harvest tools, and even Minerals. These NPCs are a great way to get diamond gear.

Today in this detailed guide, you will find all the information regarding what exactly is Toolsmith Villager, together with the steps on how you can create it in Minecraft. So without further ado, let’s directly jump into it.

What is a Toolsmith Villager in Minecraft?

A Toolsmith Villager in Minecraft is a type of Villager that can trade tools and weapons with the player. You can easily recognize them by their brown aprons and blacksmithing tools. The Toolsmith Villager offers a variety of trades, from basic stone tools to more advanced Diamonds and enchanted tools. These are crucial resources for players who want to obtain powerful gear for combat. You must obtain a Smithing table and an unemployed villager to create a new Toolsmith. The table can be found or crafted in certain areas, and the villagers will become toolsmiths.

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In order for Common villagers to become toolsmiths, they need a bed and work table at the same time that any other villagers do not occupy. Once they are able to receive the profession of Toolsmith, they will be able to start trading with the other players.

How to Create a Toolsmith Villager in Minecraft?

  • In order to create a Toolsmith Villager, the first thing you need to craft is the Smithing table. To craft the Smithing table, you need to obtain certain supplies such as Wood as well as iron ingots. You use the wood and iron ingot to create a table.
  • Next, you must place the Smithing table next to an Unemployed Villager.
  • When you place the Smithing table next to the Unemployed Villager, he will turn into Toolsmith Villager.
  • Otherwise, you can use make a Toolsmith to a villager already assigned with a Profession. To do this, you need to place the table next to the villager after destroying their table next to them.

Minecraft Toolsmith: Ways to get it

You will get Toolsmith Villagers in two ways- Finding one in the Village or converting a Zombie Villager into one. We will share both ways thoroughly here:

Method 1: Finding in a Village

It is the easiest way to get a Toolsmith Villager. For this, first, you need to locate a Village. Villages are randomly generated structures that can be found in biomes in Minecraft. If you cannot find the village, you can use the command “/locate Village.”

Once you find the Village, the next step is to locate the toolsmith. Toolsmith is easily distinguishable due to their looks. You can easily identify them through their brown aprons and Smithing table. Once you are able to locate Toolsmith, start trading with them. Toolsmiths offer a variety of tools. In order to trade with them, you need Emeralds. To level up the Toolsmith, you need to trade with him regularly. After reaching a certain level. they will offer the most valuable tools.

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Method 2nd: Converting a Zombie Villager into Toolsmith

Zombie Villagers are hostile mobs that spawn in dark places during the night. They almost look like normal Villagers but have green skin and red eyes. Zombie Villagers can be turned back into normal ones using a golden apple and a splash potion of weakness. In order to convert them into Toolsmith Villager, follow these steps:


  • First of all, you need to locate a Zombie in the safest place (Where they don’t burn in sunlight or are attacked by other mobs).
  • Now, throw a Splash of Weaknesses at them
  • Feed the Zombie with golden apples by right-clicking on them.
  • This curing process will take enough time to finish. You will see red particles around the Zombie Village.
  • Finally, place the Smithing table near the cured villagers. This will turn them into Toolsmith Villagers.
  • Right-click on them to see what trade they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does a Toolsmith do in Minecraft?

As the name suggests, Toolsmiths is used to provide tools to the players. Any tool made from Stone, iron, and Shiny Diamonds can be obtained by swapping it for a couple of Emeralds

Q2: How can I make a Smithing table?

To create a Smithing table, you need iron ingots and wooden planks. Combine two iron ingots and four wooden planks on your crafting table. Further, you can use this table to create Netherite tools from diamond gear and a Netherrite ingot.

Q3: What items does Toolmith buy in Minecraft?

Toolsmiths buy the following items in trade for Emeralds:

  • Coal
  • Flint
  • Iron Ingot
  • Diamond
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Q4: What items do Toolsmiths sell in exchange for Emeralds?

Toolsmith sells the following items:

  • Enchanted Iron Axe
  • Enchanted Iron Shovel
  • Bell
  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Enchanted Diamond hoe
  • Stone Axe
  • Stone Shovel
  • Enchanted Diamond Axe
  • Enchanted Diamond Shovel
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone hoe

Q5: How to trade with Villagers in Minecraft?

Follow the steps mentioned below to trade with the Villagers in Minecraft:

  • First of all, interact with employed Villagers or traders.
  • Once the trading Interface is onscreen, look for the offers on the left panel
  • Pick up the things that you want to deal with.
  • If you own any item  you want to trade with, place it on the left empty slot
  • Villager’s items will be available on the right input slot, so grab them from there.

Final Words

Well, this is all about Toolsmith Villager. Undoubtedly, they are the most essential part of Minecraft that offers valuable trades and expertise in crafting the finest tools. It is a great place to buy and use essential items in your house. Later sell them back when you don’t need them anymore. I hope you will find this post informative. Keep sharing it with your near and dear ones.

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