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What is the Best Way to Read Wife’s Text Messages in 2022?



How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages Without Her Knowing

If you’re wondering how to read my wife’s text messages from my phone, this article can help you.

From the various methods that you can use to read your wife’s messages to why you may want to do it, we have tried to cover everything. So, read on!

Why You May Want to Hack Your Wife’s Messages?

Before we discuss how to check your wife’s text messages, let’s first see the situations that might warrant you to hack into your wife’s phone.

Here are the most common ones faced by users just like you:

  • Blackmailing: If you feel that your wife hasn’t been herself lately and you suspect that she’s facing a problem that she might not want to discuss with you, you can read on their text messages to make sure she’s not in grave danger. Scammers, bullies, and hackers can be anywhere, including your wife’s workplace.
  • Cheating: Spousal infidelity can kill you from inside. The least you can do is get ahead of the hurt by knowing what’s coming for you. Also, by having solid proof of a cheating wife’s text messages, you’ll be able to confront them in a better way.
  • Surprise Gift: Just imagine how you would feel if your wife buys you a $2500 watch and you get her a $25 bracelet on your next anniversary. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? It does happen… a LOT! You can try to read your wife’s messages to find out her plan and save yourself from embarrassment.
  • Unusual Spending: If your credit card has been seeing repeated unusual charges and you don’t comprehend what’s causing your wife to spend so lavishly, you can opt to hack your wife’s text messages to get to the bottom of the situation.
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What Options Do You Have?

There are three main methods that you can use to check out the text messages of your wife. Let’s have a look at all of them, along with their cons.

1. Physically Access Their Phone

You can physically get a hold of your wife’s phone while she’s sleeping or busy with something. You can even distract her with something to do that. Or you can simply ask her for her phone, saying that you need to google something.


  • Your wife might get suspicious.
  • You won’t get enough time to read their messages.
  • If your wife has been cheating, she’d probably be deleting all her text messages, which means it’ll all be a waste.

2. Hire a Hacker

If you’re wondering how to hack my wife’s text messages without going through the trouble of learning the actual deed of hacking, you can simply hire a hacker to hack your wife’s text messages. But, using spy apps to see messages on another phone might be easier.


  • It might cost you a lot.
  • The whole plan can backfire as hackers can’t be trusted. They can steal your private/sensitive data to blackmail you or your wife.

3. Use a Spying App

With the above two methods out of the way, we’re left with this one. Luckily, this one works for real!

Installing a spy app on your wife’s device is the best way to read your wife’s messages from your phone.

Sure, you need physical access to your wife’s device, but for once. When you have installed the spy app, you can see your wife’s messages (plus much more) on your device.

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After testing various apps available on the market, we realized that mSpy is the best of all.

Why mSpy is the Best Solution to Read Wife’s Text Messages?

mSpy allows you to see each and every message that your wife sends or receives on her phone. Besides the actual SMS, you can see the date, time, and the recipient details as well.

In addition to SMS tracking, mSpy also enables you to track both sent and received messages on the following social media apps:

  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Snapchat
  • iMessage
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • LINE
  • Telegram
  • KiK
  • Tinder
  • And more…


Besides tracking your wife’s messages, mSpy enables you to see each and everything she does on her phone.

From location tracking to installed apps and browsing history, there’s virtually nothing that you can’t access once you use this multi-functional spying solution.

mSpy’s diversity of use, combined with its user-friendly nature, makes it the best spying tool out there.


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