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What is the difference between Pay As You Go and SIM-only?



If you are buying a new phone, you will need a SIM card. So you can get a SIM by signing up for a contract or choose the Pay As You Go option. Signing up for a contract gives you monthly or post-paid contracts, which lasts for six till 24 months. The contract entails paying a monthly fee for your data/voice package as well as any additional consumption. The handset has been included in part of the contract, so you pay part of the bill for your phone on top of the cost of use. Pay as you go is a pre-paid mobile, that gives you a SIM with a fixed amount of credit on it. Pay as you go doesn’t need a contract, so if you used all the amount, you can top up the same card or replace it.

Advantages of Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go plans offer no contracts or commitments, a cheaper monthly bill, you can change or update your bundle anytime. PAYG means that you pay for what you use and control your credit on the phone. Advantages:

  • cheaper than a contract
  • no credit check
  • you will never overpay
  • freedom ( you aren’t obligated for a contract, so you can change bundles or operator if you need)
  • flexibility
  • you can keep your number

To The Moon Mobile is a mobile virtual operator that has a wide variety of bundles. It offers only Pay As You Go SIM cards for all their bundles for an affordable price, including unlimited calls and messages. Also you can order your SIM Card online and switch or cancel your bundle anytime. Join To The Moon Mobile and choose the best bundle for you!


SIM- only

SIM-only gives a customer just a SIM, with no bundled deals involving a phone or anything else as part of the package.

Sometimes SIM-only gets confused with PAYG. This probably stems from the fact that earlier PAYG was the only way you could get ‘just a SIM’, because all the new contract deals always came with a handset included. So if you want to keep using your old phone, when your contract ends, there will be only PAYG SIMs for you.

In the past few years, mobile operators realized that they can offer SIMs on a contract basis, but without a phone as a part of the deal. So that’s how SIM-only came to the market.

SIM-only can be a contract with just a SIM for your phone, or it can be a PAYG deal where you buy a new SIM with preloaded credit. PAYG SIM can still offer you a mobile phone.

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