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What is the Gigablox slot feature by Yggdrasil?



There are many innovative features available out there, with many developers hoping to revolutionise slot gaming. One feature which has become very popular amongst players has been the Gigablox feature that was developed by Yggdrasil – play now at Rose Slots.

The Gigablox feature

The gigablox slot feature is something that was developed by Yggdrasil, it is a unique feature that sets itself apart from the average slot game through its amazing reel design. Essentially, any symbols on the slots reels can combine to create 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5 sized slot symbols. This feature will not have the player landing on giant symbols on a set reels, instead it is the reels themselves that are highlighted. This will result in all the symbols on the joint reels having the block of symbols. Although this may sound complicated at first, it is actually a very simple feature to use. It can result in big wins for players who know what they are doing, it is also very enjoyable due to the uniqueness of the feature, there is nothing quite like it.


The Gigablox slot feature is becoming increasingly popular in the slot gaming community, it offers players a great experience and has a unique reel design. There are many amazing benefits that come with using this slot feature.

  1. Simplicity – The best part about this game feature is how simple it is, the feature is not trying to completely change everything. Instead, it is simply looking to add to the experience. It may sound complicated at first but when you use it properly you will find that it is one of the simplest features that’s out there.
  2. Unique – One thing that players will notice about this feature is how unique it is. It is certainly a great feature if you are looking for a more unique experience, the reels change and so do the symbols. If a player is looking for an exciting visual experience, they should look no further than a slot which has the gigablox feature.
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Games with feature

The Gigablox feature is best experienced first hand by players. However, at this moment in time there is only one game that utilises the feature. In the future, this amount is sure to change, especially with how popular the feature has turned out to be.

Lucky Neko – This is a slot game with an exciting theme, it features a lot of Japanese iconography that helps the game to stand out. There is a reason for this too, the name of the slot was inspired by the Japanese word for lucky cat. As a result the game is littered with these fluffy felines. The game also has some amazing playability. Alongside the Gigablox feature this game features a myriad of bonuses including wilds and multipliers. This is not a slot game that should be missed.

Final Thoughts

Yggdrasil has not sought to completely change slot gaming with this feature but instead add to it. This game feature is simple to use and offers a unique experience for players.

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