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What Makes a Smartphone the Best-selling Smartphone?



If you are looking for the best-selling phone in India, you won’t find just one. Buying a smartphone is an individual decision and you should purchase one that matches your needs. Looking for a phone that does your work for you on a daily basis, such as running a lot of apps, acting as a wallet, etc. will require enough battery capacity and RAM, so you can multitask for long periods of time without your phone dying. Whether you opt for a flagship phone like the new iPhone 12 Pro or the budget Oppo F17 Pro, you will likely choose features and specs that fulfill your purpose. Consumers have different opinions about what makes a phone a “best seller”. Some say it’s the way the phone is styled, and others swear that key specs like the battery and processors count. Still, others will insist 6GB RAM Mobiles is a must-have. 

Best-selling Smartphones

The best-selling phone in India is a relative term that exists across all price ranges in the smartphone market. In 2020, smartphones saw a significant decline in sales and production due to the Coronavirus and lockdowns. Even now, according to industry experts in India, though sales have risen, especially during Diwali of 2020, the smartphone market isn’t topping the consumer list. Analysts see some growth returning in 2021. Nonetheless, famous analytics organization, Omdia, in a recent publication citing mobile best-sellers globally, stated that the most frequently bought were iPhones (than the iPhone 11) by Apple.

It’s important to note that this was a global report, and most Indians target budget smartphones. Nonetheless, coming in at a close second was the Samsung Galaxy A51 model, and at number 3, an affordable Chinese smartphone from superbrand Xiaomi, the Redmi Note 8. While Samsung’s model is mid-range, the Redmi is a budget phone that is doing well in India. 

Best-seller Aspects

To any given consumer, a best-selling phone could be a flagship model or the best smartphone under 25000 INR. What is the “best” for one may not be for another. Most consumers agree on some basic aspects of phones, which are commonly considered to make their spending on smartphones worth their while, and calling the phones “best sellers”. It’s noteworthy to think of this: every nine out of ten best-selling smartphones in India are made by Apple or Xiaomi. Consider these aspects which make smartphones best sellers:

  • Affordability – While any phone by Apple is lapped up by Indian consumers, it isn’t a phone that is affordable by budget users who form a majority of the smartphone market in India. Among flagship phones, and those who can afford them, iPhones are popular, and you can get older models at deals on e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. Budget users target Xiaomi phones which offer great specs and functionality in various price ranges.
  • Processors and RAM – These two specs are the most viewed by consumers. Bestsellers have any of the great Snapdragon processors (from 665 upwards) or MediaTek Helio chips. The Realme C3, a budget phone comes with an inexpensive gaming chip, the MediaTek G70. Best-selling phones have at least 6GB RAM which lets consumers multitask seamlessly. All iPhones have their own Bionic chips and RAM of just 4-6GB, but when used efficiently, iPhones are optimized for performance. The latest iPhone 12 Pro comes with 6GB RAM and Apple’s signature A14 Bionic chip. 
  • Battery – Batteries on many best-sellers are of large capacities, ensuring that phones endure all the things that run on them. Typically, great phones have battery capacities from 4000mAh (decently large enough to last) to the perfect 6000mAh. These battery capacities don’t let phones run out of steam and charge fast.
  • Display and Camera – For many consumers, social media is their life. In the best-selling phone in India, consumers will likely look for great cameras to take the best selfies. They also want awesome displays to watch videos and play games. Bestsellers have displays of 6 inches plus (including Infinity displays) and high-resolution screens and quad-rear cameras.

Buy a Best Seller

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