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What You Need To Know About Tesla Model 3




Tesla is recognized as one of the most innovative companies, with its focus on clean energy by producing electric cars, solar panels, battery energy rooftops, and other clean-energy products. Another reason why the company is famous, and there is great demand for its products, especially its cars, is the leadership of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. The famous entrepreneur wants to revolutionize transportation on earth, and he is definitely on a good track with his companies SpaceX, Tesla, and other endeavors.

When it comes to electric cars, the latest model of Tesla has attracted a lot of attention due to its impeccable design and performance. Let’s take a look at its main attributes that make it a great investment.

Why Tesla Model 3 is Great Investment

This is a high-tech model that features a lot of enhancements, from its exterior to the tech upgrades. The safety of the Tesla Model 3 is of paramount importance, as you can tell from the design.

Actually, the entire structure of the car is a mix of steel and aluminum to provide maximum security to the driver. It has successfully passed the roof-crush test, so you can rest assured that the vehicle is completely safe. Plus, the model features metallic door-sill protectors. If you already want to get this model, the good news is that you can test your luck and win a Tesla Model 3 on this casino site. features a competition of the latest slot game – Crash by OneTouch, which is a thrilling new game where you can potentially win awesome prizes. Of course, the Tesla Model 3 is extra motivation to join the tournament.

In terms of performance, the model comes with a dual-motor all-wheel drive, and it produces 335kW of power which translates to a great speed of 162 mph. In other words, there is more than enough power for smooth and quick acceleration, while the kept under the floor, which means there is a low center of gravity. As a result, there is a higher level of stability and control regardless of the weather conditions.

Appearance Upgrades

Overall, the interior design is minimalistic but packed with amazing features. The model features two wireless charging pads, seat-adjustment controls, a 15.4-inch touchscreen, magnetic sun visors, and more. The central screen of the vehicle is the main point of the car and is necessary for adjusting certain settings (for example, you can adjust the steering weight) or accessing the music streaming option, map, phone charge status, and other options. There are also amazingly fun options that you can access while you’re driving; some, however, are only available in autopilot mode.

For instance, you can play arcade games while you’re driving and race games like Mario Kart. It’s worth mentioning that the games are playable with the steering wheel scroll buttons in gridlock. Moreover, there is a Santa setting that is available in autopilot that will transform your car into a sleigh, and the road will become a rainbow. Otherwise, your Tesla can definitely be transformed into a gaming system with video games such as Atari, Backgammon, HCVess, and many other options.

Autopilot Mode

When it comes to the autopilot option, Tesla has made some changes in order to ensure maximum safety. The self-driving mode controls the car; however, your hands need to remain on the steering wheel at all times. It can automatically find parking spaces, and it is very useful that the car features automatic lane changes. In conclusion, Elon Musk is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs that pushed the boundaries of regular modes of transportations.


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