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What’s Next in Gaming: The Launch of “Once Human” and the Anticipated PS5 Pro



Gamers around the world are on the edge of their seats with anticipation for the new developments on two major fronts: the launch of “Once Human” and the rumored release of the PlayStation 5 Pro.

Once Human: A New Frontier for Console Gamers?

“Once Human” is stirring up excitement with its upcoming release initially set for PC, and with plans to expand to mobile platforms. Although Starry Studio has expressed interest in bringing the game to consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, there’s yet no confirmed date for a console launch. Fans are hopeful as the studio focuses on perfecting the game’s experience on existing platforms first.

PS5 Pro: The Next Leap in Gaming Consoles?

On the console hardware front, the PS5 Pro is the subject of much speculation. Rumors suggest it could feature significant enhancements over its predecessor, such as improved graphics, faster processing, and better VR capabilities. While Sony has not officially announced the PS5 Pro, speculative timelines suggest a release could be expected between late 2024 and early 2025. This potential upgrade is poised to offer gamers a more immersive and technologically advanced gaming experience.

The Wait for Confirmation

As industry insiders and tech enthusiasts dissect every hint and rumor, it’s clear that the PS5 Pro’s development is shrouded in secrecy. Various sources suggest a release window around late 2024 to early 2025, aligning with Sony’s typical console upgrade timeline. This potential upgrade is likely to cater to gamers seeking cutting-edge performance and the latest technological advancements in gaming hardware.

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Keeping Up with Trends

For those keeping track of the latest in gaming tech, it’s essential to stay informed about these developments. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting the release of “Once Human” on PS5 or speculating about the PS5 Pro, the gaming industry promises exciting times ahead, with each new console and game release, we step further into the future of immersive and high-performance gaming experiences.

Expected PS5 Pro Price

The PS5 Pro’s price is speculated to be higher than the current PS5 models due to anticipated hardware improvements. Some sources suggest that the price could be around $549.99 if it follows a similar pricing strategy as previous console upgrades, which typically see a $100 increase over the base model. Other estimations point to a potential price cap of $600, reflecting the significant hardware advancements expected with the PS5 Pro.

These price ranges are based on industry analysis and insider expectations, as Sony has not yet released official pricing details for the PS5 Pro. As the console is rumored to be in development with a release possibly targeted around the second half of 2024, more concrete details, including pricing, might emerge closer to the launch date.


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