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WhatsApp banned over 30 lakh Indian accounts in June-July. Here’s why



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WhatsApp’s latest User Safety Monthly Report shows that the instant messaging platform banned more than 3 million accounts during the months of June and July this year. WhatsApp says the accounts were banned in the interest of preventing online abuse and keeping the user experience safe and spam-free.


  • WhatsApp banned 30 lakh 27 thousand Indian accounts in June-July!
  • WhatsApp says that it received a total of 594 grievance reports
  • Out of 594, 316 reports were account ban appeals

It bans accounts based on user complaints and emails received from India Grievance Officer and using its own automated tools to prevent harmful behavior on the platform. The report also reveals that a total of 316 ban appeals were made by the user and the India Grievance Officer and 73 accounts were actually banned during the stated time frame.

The latest WhatsApp User Safety Monthly Report has been published keeping in line with the new IT Rules 2021. The report details the actions taken by WhatsApp based on complaints and its own anti-abuse tool during the 46-day period between June 16 and July 31 this year.

WhatsApp’s newest Consumer Security Month-to-month Report

WhatsApp says that it banned a total of 30 lakh 27 thousand Indian accounts during the stated period. Of this, restrictions on user complaints and action through India Grievance Officer posts were only 73, and the rest were traced through WhatsApp’s own tools and resources to curb harmful behavior on the platform. The report states that a total of 594 complaints were received from Indian users during the 46-day period, out of which 316 were ban appeals. In addition, 137 of these complaints were related to account support, and the rest were related to security and product support.

WhatsApp detecting abuse using its own automated tools operates in three phases of an account’s lifestyle: during registration, during messaging, and in response to negative feedback, which it uses to respond to user reports and blocks. as received. The instant messaging platform says a team of analysts helps these functions evaluate high-level cases and improve efficacy over time. To report any complaints to WhatsApp, users can e-mail or report and block suspicious accounts using the buttons available in the app.

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