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WhatsApp becomes full proof secure, no one will be able to take screenshots; Users will be able to create their own animated avatar




WhatsApp releases new updates to improve the user experience. Now WhatsApp is working on another new feature. This will make your chat more secure. After the introduction of the new feature, it will not be easy to take a screenshot of the view once message. With its help, you will be able to keep your chats more secure. Earlier, the View Once Message feature was also introduced keeping in mind the privacy of the users. Messages made with this feature could be viewed only once. After the new features, View Once Messages blocks messages from WhatsApp for screenshots. In such a situation, other users can see it only once. Not only this, one can neither save that message nor its screenshot can be taken.

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WhatsApp users will be able to create their own animated avatar

WhatsApp is bringing another new feature for its users, with the help of which they will be able to create avatar photos. Through this feature, users can use animated avatar photos while answering video calls. How users can select and customize the avatar feature is given on the WhatsApp information portal. Also, everything from choosing the background color to creating an avatar profile photo is provided. Earlier in a report, it was said that a new feature will soon be added to the Meta-owned instant messaging service. The animated avatar feature is still in its early stages. It may take a while to become available to the general public.

Even WhatsApp’s “view once” messages aren’t completely protected. You will know when someone sees your status update or a “view once” message, but the other person can take a screenshot of the one-time message or photo without your knowledge. With Facebook and Instagram notifying users when someone takes a screenshot of disappearing messages on Messenger and Instagram chat, this feature might make its way over to WhatsApp at some point.

How Safe are WhatsApp Video Calls?

Just like WhatsApp messages, video calls made through the app are also encrypted and are thus safe (safer than other platforms at least). Video calls are only initiated after WhatsApp internally shares an encoded message between the call participants as a handshake.

It is important to trust the person you have a video call with. Anyone can screen record your conversation and reveal it to the public. In addition to that, devices infected with malware can capture the audio and video content by monitoring the device’s screen, speakers, camera, and microphone.
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