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WhatsApp Call Link Feature: How to create it on Android and iOS Devices




Instant Messaging Platform WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature of Call Links for video calls and audio calls. This new update is aimed to improve the group calling feature on the app. With a WhatsApp Call Link, users can generate a shareable link to let others join a conference call. It means anyone with the link call joins the call, even if they are not part of your group.

The new feature has been operational for weeks now and is available for both Android and iOS devices. Many people spotted the feature on a Samsung smartphone, and it appears to be a server-side update. Users are still advised to keep their app updated to enjoy features. WhatsApp will likely start rolling out Call Links to all users very soon. To check availability, head to the Calls tab and look for the Call Links feature at the top.

WhatsApp is bringing a new feature of Call Link

If you click on the option, a link will automatically be generated. Users can also choose the call type – audio or video. Below that, users will get three options: Send a link via WhatsApp, Copy Link, and Share the Link. Once a user clicks on the link, there will be two options – Join and Leave. Users will continue to get the option to mute audio and hide video during a video call.

The Call Links feature lets users invite people to a new call or let them join an existing call, much similar to Zoom. With the new feature, users can allow as many as 32 people to join a call at a time. Reportedly, the link will remain valid for up to 90 days.

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Users will also get an option to pick between video or voice call types. Users will also get multiple sharing options to share the link further. One can share the link via WhatsApp by simply copying and pasting, and they can also share the link in a similar manner on other apps.

Here is how users can create and share a WhatApp voice or video call link on their mobile phones.

  •  Open WhatsApp on your iOS or Android device.
  •  Go to the Calls tab.
  •  Tap on the Create Call Link option available at the top.
  •  Select your call type, whether you want to make a video or voice call.
  •  Hit the Share Link or Copy Link button.
  • Send the link in WhatsApp chat, group, or another app.

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