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Whatsapp fake news: Viral Post Claiming Lockdown in U.P. is FAKE.





  • WhatsApp message claiming lockdown in Uttar Pradesh extended is fake.
  • The fake WhatsApp message says 21 districts of Uttar Pradesh will be under lockdown till May 10.
  • Several states have imposed lockdown to help curb the spread and break the chain.

WhatsApp fake news has been prevalent for a while now. Coronavirus and lockdown fake news are both expanding their reach and we all have arguably encountered fake news related to Coronavirus at least once.

One such rumor is making rounds about the popular messaging app WhatsApp, suggesting that the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh has announced a complete lockdown. However, it’s just fake news.

The viral WhatsApp message claims that Uttar Pradesh will be under lockdown till May 10 and not May 4 as announced earlier. Well, if you have received a similar message on WhatsApp, don’t believe it. This news is fake.

The fake WhatsApp message says 21 districts of Uttar Pradesh will be under lockdown till May 10. They include Lucknow, Kanpur, Ghaziabad, Gautam Budh Nagar, Agra, Bareilly, Moradabad, Rampur, Sitapur, Aligarh, Saharanpur, and Muzaffarnagar, among others.

If you received a forwarded message on WhatsApp claiming that the U.P. will be locked down as per the orders of the state government and trains and flight services will come to a halt, you need not forward it further as Press Information Bureau’s fact check handle debunks the fake news.

U.P Government views on fake news

The government said that lockdown news is being broadcast in UP on social media and WhatsApp groups. The news is baseless and there is no plan to impose any type of lockdown in the state.

Further, the fact-checking committee of the government has appealed to people to stop sharing such kind of news, which is misleading. Further UP Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath has said that a lockdown in the state is not an option.

There’s another fake message related to UP that is being circulated on WhatsApp. This one suggests guidelines during the lockdown which includes suspension of home delivery service from restaurants. This message is fake and home deliveries are not barred during the weekend lockdown.

While WhatsApp is trying hard to curb fake news, we as users need to do our bit too. It’s always advise that we don’t believe everything we receive on our social media and check from authentic sources before trusting the information or spreading it.

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