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Whatsapp: Hacker cheated the person by Whatsapp hacking, you will also say OMG after listening to the story



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  • A major case of cyber theft was reported in Thane Maharashtra.
  • 60-year-old senior citizen lost Rs 8.98 lakh.
  • This theft happened through WhatsApp.

In today’s online era, the increasing use of social media is increasing cybercrime. Cyber theft is a bitter reality of today’s era. While social media has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages and cyber theft comes at the top of that list of disadvantages. Last week, a cyber theft worth Rs 8.98 lakh was reported through WhatsApp in Thane city of Maharashtra. Let us know what was the whole matter:

Case Details:

A 60-year-old senior citizen of Thane received a message on WhatsApp on August 1 from a friend of his, Bhupendra Modi, living in Saudi Arabia, that he needed 98,000 due to a medical emergency. On seeing the message on August 2, the complainant sent this amount to the friend’s account, within a few minutes, the complainant again received a message from his friend that he had written 98,000 by mistake while he needed 6.98 lakh for the operation of his friend’s son. The complainant sent another Rs 6 lakh. Then after a while, a message came from the friend’s account that the complainant has sent 1 lakh Saudi Riyal by mistake and due to some technical problem it will reach late by a day. Hearing this, this resident of Thane also transferred the remaining amount.

Shortly after all this, a message came on a WhatsApp group of these senior citizens from their friend, Bhupendra Modi’s wife that someone has hacked the WhatsApp account of Bhupendra and the hacker is asking people for money by messaging them. After that, this man living in Thane understood that he had been cheated. As soon as the fraud was discovered, the complainant got an FIR registered against this cyber theft at his regional Naupada police station. The police are investigating the case and it is expected that the thief will be caught soon.

How to protect yourself against cybercrime?

Anyone using the internet should exercise some basic precautions. Here are tips you can use to help protect yourself against the range of cybercrimes out there. Cross confirmation with the person demanding money using social media is the utmost necessary before sending the money.

1. Use a full-service internet security suite

For instance, Norton Security provides real-time protection against existing and emerging malware including ransomware and viruses and helps protect your private and financial information when you go online.

2. Use strong passwords

Don’t repeat your passwords on different sites, and change your passwords regularly. Make them complex. That means using a combination of at least 10 letters, numbers, and symbols. A password management application can help you to keep your passwords locked down.

3. Keep your software updated

This is especially important with your operating systems and internet security software. Cybercriminals frequently use known exploits, or flaws, in your software to gain access to your system. Patching those exploits and flaws can make it less likely that you’ll become a cybercrime target.

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