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WhatsApp introduces Code Verify: What is it and how it works



WhatsApp Code Verify

Meta-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp, has introduced a new open-source web extension called Code Verify for its web users. As per the official company blog, the extension “automatically verifies the authenticity of the WhatsApp Web code being served to your browser”. The extension will make sure that the WhatsApp Web code is not altered to make the web experience safe and secure.

According to WABetaInfo, Code Verify is a new very important web browser extension that adds another layer of security for WhatsApp users. When the Code Verify is installed, it automatically detects if the code of the version of WhatsApp Web you’re using has been altered from a malicious entity, so if it is an authentic and untampered version.

“When Code Verify successfully verifies that you’re using an authentic version of WhatsApp Web, it means your version has not been modified by hackers, overreaching governments, or other malicious people and scripts. It is the best way to verify the integrity of your version of WhatsApp Web,” WABetaInfo shared. Additionally, the extension doesn’t log metadata and user messages, and it doesn’t share any information with WhatsApp and Meta, “it is also open-sourced, so everyone can verify what it does,” it said.

How does Code Verify work?

WhatsApp is comparing the browser extension to a traffic light. After a user installs the extension, it will run automatically when one goes to WhatsApp Web and” act as a real-time alert system.” According to the company, here’s what will show when you use the extension:

If the WhatsApp code is fully validated, the Code Verify icon in the browser will appear green. If the Code Verify icon appears orange, it means that the user needs to refresh your page or another browser extension is interfering with Code Verify. In this instance, Code Verify will recommend that you pause your other browser extensions. If the Code Verify icon appears red, it will indicate that there is a possible security issue with the WhatsApp Web code you’re being served.

Code Verify works in partnership with Cloudflare and will check the resources on the entire webpage. According to the post, Cloudflare has a “cryptographic hash source of truth for WhatsApp Web’s JavaScript code.” So when someone runs the extension, it compares the code that runs on WhatsApp Web against the version of the code verified by WhatsApp and published on Cloudflare. In case of any discrepancies, the user is notified.

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