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WhatsApp multi device support will be compatible with End to end encryption?




WhatsApp multi-device support feature?

Hey Whatsapp users, again the instant messaging app is back with a great piece of news for you all. As we know the company is continuously working on its interface to improvise it better in an innovative way so that users can take instant benefit of the app without any hassles. This communication platform has massive popularity and almost each smartphone user access Whatsapp for communicating with their friends, family, colleagues, etc.

But the company is not satisfied with it, so, they want it to take to another level. That’s why every day they are bringing something new to the popular application.

So what’s next in the line?

You must have heard about an end-to-end encryption feature of Whatsapp that ensures that only the sender and receiver can read the message sent, nobody else can decode the message. So in the same direction, a few times ago, the news came that now you will be able to access your Whatsapp account on multiple devices at the same time.

But then how this end-to-end encryption feature will work? Will it still be working or not?

If such questions are also coming to your mind. Then let me tell you that Whatsapp is testing this feature on its beta product. Webetainfo told us that this feature will continue to stay with us and will be compatible with the multi-device support feature.

In fact, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg…

also came forward on this concern of users and. Promised that this end-to-end service will be applicable to multiple device support features too.

Well,  the testing of this amazing feature in its last phases. As the announcement made by the CEO indicates that they have found out the solution to the major issues of the Whatsapp multi device support access feature. If all goes well, then the time will come very soon when everything will be very smooth and we can access Whatsapp on a maximum of 4 devices together without having any fear about the encryption issues.

Our chats will be still private, and nobody can decrypt them except the sender and receiver of messages.

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