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WhatsApp new feature: Soon, users will be able to hear voice notes in background



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  • WhatsApp will reportedly soon allow users to play voice notes in the background.
  • This will let you play a voice note and exit that particular chat window.
  • Users will then be able to hear the voice note while checking or replying to other chats or group conversations.

WhatsApp is working on a couple of interesting updates. The latest feature that the messaging app was spotted working has got lots to do with WhatsApp’s voice notes. WhatsApp is testing a feature that will enable users to play voice messages even when they switch from one chat to another. The current setup lets users listen to the voice notes as long as the chat window is open. Once you close the chat window, the voice note gets interrupted too. However, things might change in the future update.

Playing a voice note while navigating through the rest of the app also shows you a new playback bar above your main WhatsApp screen. The feature ‘Global Voice Note Player’ will play voice messages in the background when a user moves out of the original chat window. As a part of the changes, users will see the voice message being pinned to the top of the app. Additionally, there is a progress bar that lets users keep a track of the audio recording as they continue listening to it.

WhatsApp is finally getting the voice note upgrade

WhatsApp will remove the broadcast list and new group options. As per WhatsApp features tracker Wabetainfo, WhatsApp will only keep the Archived list at the top of the chat screen and will remove the Broadcast List and New Group. Last month, WhatsApp rolled out a voice message preview feature to let users review recordings before sending them to their contacts. It also recently brought waveforms for voice messages and enabled playback speed support for audio messages.

Within the contacts list, WhatsApp for iOS may soon add a new entry point for Broadcast. When users tap the Start New Chat button on the top right, the list will pop up. WhatsApp is also working on a feature where, if someone replies to you in a group, you will get a notification regarding that.

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