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WhatsApp reverts on the letter by Govt. of India over Privacy Policy



Amid the tiff with WhatsApp over the Privacy Policy changes, the Government of India had sent a letter to the company to withdraw the changes in the Privacy Policy. The Indian government on Tuesday posed 14 questions to WhatsApp on its “invasive” changes in Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

In the letter to WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has said the proposed changes to the WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, without giving users an option to opt-out, “raise grave concerns regarding the implications for the choice and autonomy of Indian citizens”.

This letter also catered that the Indian market has the biggest user base of the messaging app giant.

Clearly, the company wouldn’t want to loose around over 400 million users in India.

In the letter, the company has been asked to provide details of the services provided by it in India, categories of data collected and permissions and consents sought.

WhatsApp tried to cut the queries through the blog post saying,”to provide details of the services provided by it in India, categories of data collected and permissions and consents sought.”

The company earlier this month begun asking its 2 billion users worldwide to accept an update of its privacy policy if they want to keep using the popular messaging app.

Though the company has time and again been trying to clarify the misunderstanding of the Privacy Policy related queries, the users are not over cribbing yet.

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The change in the policies landed the company into some tough challenges where the biggest challenge came when the users started looking for alternatives.

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The misunderstanding kept on giving air to new rumors and ultimately the company had to postpone the update.

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Even after being sent a letter from the Government of India to change the Privacy Policy, WhatsApp chose to refrain from doing so. Instead, the company says that they are open to answer any questions and queries being asked. According to the company, the updated policy does not affect the privacy of its users.

They further said that the company can not view the messages being exchanged with the friends or families of the users as they are end to end encrypted. The company also claims to have not crossed the privacy of its users.

It has become a big fight between the company and the users. Lets see where and how does it end !

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