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WhatsApp rolling out possibility to undo status updates for selected users



WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp is dealing with heaps of features to improve the user experience

It is dealing with heaps of features to improve the user experience. WhatsApp was spotted trying the likelihood to fix notices for the beta users. This implies that users will presently get to see a fixed choice at whatever point they post a status on WhatsApp. The feature was spotted on the iOS beta application and has not been made accessible to non-beta users yet.

According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp has carried out the likelihood to fix notices on the beta form of the application. The feature would permit you to rapidly delete a notice you have posted unintentionally. At present, you have the drawn-out course of tapping on the three spots to delete an announcement you have posted in a rush or unintentionally. Nonetheless, once the fix feature is carried out, you can rapidly review whatever you have posted on the informing application. The WhatsApp Status is like Instagram Stories, which stays live on the stage for 24 hours. Your contacts can see the status yet it won’t be noticeable to individuals who are not added to your contact list.

WhatsApp fixed issues identified with new notices.

Alongside the likelihood to fix announcements, WhatsApp fixed issues identified with new notices. The feature has been made accessible to the iOS beta users, so, until further notice, just iOS users can really take a look at it. To utilize the feature, users should refresh to WhatsApp beta for iOS

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“In the wake of distributing the notice, the choice “Fix” will be immediately apparent: in case you select it, the announcement will be automatically deleted for everybody. This alternate route is valuable when you post something accidentally, and you need to rapidly delete it. This feature is accessible for certain iOS beta analyzers today. Assuming it’s not accessible for your WhatsApp account, it implies it has not been carried out for you yet and the following beta updates might assist your record with getting the feature,” the report said.

WhatsApp has supposedly added another alternate way close to the stickers

Aside from this, WhatsApp is likewise chipping away at the likelihood to let users forward stickers rapidly. WhatsApp has supposedly added another alternate way close to the stickers, which will give users forward stickers without investing access a lot of energy. The forward alternate route will show up close to the sticker in the message string. You can tap on the alternate route and forward it to your contacts. When the feature is carried out. Users won’t need to follow the extensive course of tapping and holding the sticker and afterward sending it to their contacts.

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