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WhatsApp set to release Self-Chat Feature among three major updates, here’s how it will work



WhatsApp New Features

Instant Messaging Platform- WhatsApp keeps adding new functionalities for a better user experience. In the latest development, the platform has been working on Self Chat Feature for a while. Now, the platform is ready to release this feature for some users on the WhatsApp beta Channel. It is one of the most requested features that enables users to speak with themselves and store important messages or files for rapid access.

Besides this, the platform is working on three major updates. It includes Auto mute large group chats and a redesigned disappearing messages section for some Android users. Moreover, the platform will release Rich Link Preview – Text Status Updates for all users, including Android and iOS.

Here is everything you need to know about WhatsApp’s upcoming features:

Self Chat Feature

In the future, WhatsApp users can read and even forward these chats to other users. WhatsApp Self Chat Feature is one of the convenient ways that make it easier for users to start a chat with themselves to save quick notes, links, media, and files.

In the current scenario, sending a message to your Mobile number is still possible. However, there is no dedicated chat window available. The users must save their phone numbers or create a group with one participant to take notes. In the future, WhatsApp will highlight a personal chat box, ‘Yourself (Me),’ as the chat caption. So now your phone number will be displayed in WhatsApp’s contact list for easier access.

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Availability of Self-Chat Feature

WAbetaInfo first spotted Self Chat Feature for beta testers. The Company rolls out the features for Android beta testers. iOS beta testers will be able to experience this feature in the upcoming days. Talking about the feature’s availability worldwide, it will take months to reach all users globally.

How Beta Testers can access this feature?

Beta testers can check this feature by going to the Contacts page in the app. Under the Contacts list, they will see a new contact that says Me(You) with a ‘Message yourself’ subtext.

Auto Mute large Group Chats

WhatsApp has recently increased the Group Chat limits to 1024 Participants. However, being a part of a big group is not easy. You need to face a bulk of messages and Notification threads which is very annoying. To solve this problem, WhatsApp brings a new feature that will automatically mute large group chats. This will help to reduce notifications.

According to the reports, WhatsApp will automatically mute groups with more than 256 participants. However, it’s a complete user’s choice.  The users can unmute or change the notification Settings at any time.


The upcoming feature is currently under beta testing for Android users. The feature is going to roll out in the coming weeks.

Redesigned Disappearing Messages Section

The platform is revamping the Disappearing Message feature Setting in the privacy section. Under this development, users can change the Disappearing Message setting by going to WhatsApp Settings > Privacy > Default message timer.

This redesigned setting will now contain two subcategories- ‘Set for your account and ‘Set for your current Chat’.

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The feature is currently under beta testing and will roll out in the coming weeks.

Rich Link Preview Feature

Rich Link Preview is the most awaited feature that rolls out globally. Under this feature, Users will be able to see link previews for links shared via Status Updates.

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