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WhatsApp voice transcriptions feature coming soon! Here’s how to benefit from it





  • Voice transcription feature support will reportedly roll out for WhatsApp soon.
  • This feature has currently only been spotted for iOS devices.
  • WhatsApp is working on end-to-end encryption support for cloud backups for both Android and iOS devices.

Are you in a situation where you cannot listen to a voice message? Is the voice message too long and you have no time to listen to it? This article will help you to transcribe voice messages! Some weeks ago, WhatsApp released multiple playback speeds for voice messages: 1x, 1.5x, and 2.0x. Everyone liked this feature, but some users asked for more: the possibility to transcribe voice messages when they cannot listen to them.

WhatsApp Voice Transcriptions feature allows users to transcribe the contents of a voice message. WhatsApp users can now turn the content in the voice message into readable format. Transcriber for WhatsApp is an unofficial app that promises to convert a WhatsApp voice message to text and it supports several languages.

WhatsApp voice transcriptions: How does it work?

The Transcriber app uses services to generate the text from a voice message.
After downloading the app, open it to configure its settings and you’re ready to use it:

  • Select a voice message in a WhatsApp chat.
  • Tap the Share button.
  • Export the selected voice message to the Transcriber app.
  • Wait a few seconds and the transcription is ready.

This feature is very useful- when you come up with a situation where you are outside without earphones or in any kind of situation wherein you can’t listen to Voice messages and at that point of time, a Voice message comes? In these situations, we generally request our friends to write a text message in place of a Voice note.

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“When a message is transcribed for the first time, its transcription is saved locally in the WhatsApp database, so it won’t be needed to transcript it again if you want to see its transcription later,” the blog site wrote. This feature is being developed for WhatsApp’s iOS-based app and it will be available to beta testers with the next update. However, there is no confirmation for Android devices.

The report reveals that you would have to grant special permission to the app to transcribe your messages. The screenshot shows that there will be a special transcript section within the app. You can paste your voice recordings and apply the transcript feature.

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